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    Can we earn money by posting picture on Google street view ?

    Interested in earning money by uploading pictures or images on the web? Looking out for a list of such websites? Here, on this page find suggestions from experts to your query.

    I have posted many pictures on Google street view. I have also uploaded 360 degree image which has been viewed by more than 10,000 times. Will Google pay me for it?

    Is there any website where we can upload or post pictures of locality eg, school, college, hospital, coffee shop, etc and get some revenue?
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  • You can't earn money by posting pictures in Google Street View. Once you've published fifty 360 photos, you will get a special invitation to be marketed as a trusted pro while joining Local Guides. It will enable you to market yourself as a trusted photographer/agency.

    From the following websites you can earn money by selling your images
    500px Prime
    SmugMug Pro
    Getty Images

  • Google has it's own photographers and they maintain the data on their own. So they don't pay external photographers for this data. And in such case you can see that google is not going to be paying you for any street view images. I suggest you to take images of such type and sell it on other websites where they accept 3D, panorama and 360 degree views. There are sites like Videoblocks, Corbix, 500px, Getty, Shutterstock etc. Those with the HD quality and the requirement meeting images may end up earning some good commission. Do note that some of such stock images are per sales basis. And they don't pay you anything upfront. So you may take images and upload on those sites but you make money only when you get the sales.

  • Google may not pay any money for external photographs. You can post your photos in google maps if you become a local guide.But you won't get much money there. There are some websites like Getty images where you can post your photographs. If they meet the requirements of the site and if the quality is Ok you may get some revenue. There are some sites where in you may post your photos for sale.The site will pay you only after your photo is sold.

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  • I think Google does not pay money for posting pictures on Google street view, but yes here some good websites that you can earn revenue for posting photographs.
    First, you should register your self on these sites go through the approval process, just go out and take quality images! Once you have the images, upload them, and wait till somebody downloads them! When they do, you look you are looking for an easy 50% commission of whatever the order amount is.

  • There are many sites including Google street view where people may be adding photographs or comments but these sites do not pay any commission or revenue for that.

    If you are interested in making revenue from the photographs then you will have to take good quality photos with clear perspective and that is itself a creative art. There are some sites where if you submit these photographs they will be considered by the experts and if approved you may accordingly be remunerated. Please remember there are many people working in this area and for earning money you will have to compete with them in all aspects of photography. It is advisable to learn some basic skills of photography if you are seriously pursuing this line.

    Some of the popular sites are Dreamstime, Shutterstock, Fotolia and iStockphoto. Generally when your approved photograph is downloaded by a customer from these sites they will pay you per download. So if your photograph is downloaded by many people you get more revenue.

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  • No, Google does not pay you for just uploading a images on google street view. If you really wants to earn some money by uploading a images then firstly make a website and put images which is captured by you on your website, keep putting on a routine basis. Get more traffic and allow advertisements on your website. You'll start earning money. You can earn money through posting a images in dynamic international websites such as pixabay, Clashots, iStock and shutterstock.

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