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    Switching from IT sector to Teaching

    Planning to change your job to teaching field? Wondering which option is better: school or college? Here, on this page get advice about the pre requisites for switching to the teaching field.

    I am working as software engineer for past 15 years and currently employed with an MNC in Pune.
    I have done B.E. in Computer Sc.& Engg. from BIT Mesra, Ranchi and Executive MBA from SIBM, Pune.
    Now, I wish to switch to teaching field for certain obvious reasons which I don't see in IT sector. I don't have any teaching experience in schools or colleges. I need guidance on following two options:-

    1) What can I do to enter into teaching field for classes upto 10th or 12th ? Do I need to get B.Ed. degree first?
    2) What can I do to enter into teaching field in Technical subjects in Colleges? Do I need to get M. Tech. degree first?
    3) Is there any age limit that I should be aware of? I am 37 years now.

    In either case, if I have to study B.Ed. or M.Tech., then do I have any option to study that keeping my current job in which I get weekends (Sat/Sun) free. I am asking for both schools and colleges because I do not know which would turn out better for me, though my inclination is more towards schools.
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  • 1. Job in school/ college:
    To enter into the teaching field for teaching upto 10th and 12th in schools/ junior college you will definitely need to do a professional training program like DEd or BEd. There is government guideline for schools to employ teachers who have done the training or will complete the training within a span to 2-3 years.
    So this is what you can do: Register for this training, search for a job in schools/ junior colleges around you.

    2. Job in engineering college:
    As per AICTE norms, the basic qualification for becoming an Assistant Professor (lowest teaching designation) in engineering college is MTech. There is no age limit. Distance learning MTech / MS will not be considered for applying for teaching position in any engineering college. You need to do full time MTech program, not Sat/Sun one.

    Hope this answers all your queries.

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  • What can I do to enter into teaching field for classes upto 10th or 12th ? Do I need to get B.Ed. degree first?

    For teaching in secondary school, you'll need a minimum of a Bachelor's (B.Ed.). A Master's (M.Ed.) is usually required for specialized subjects or promotions. After qualification in B.Ed you can apply for teaching jobs in school and join. For a permanent government school teaching job you have to pass exams like TET and CTET. You can check list of B.Ed colleges in India

    What can I do to enter into teaching field in Technical subjects in Colleges? Do I need to get M. Tech. degree first?

    M.Tech is the must qualification for Lecturers and Assistant Professors. Few years back you can get lecturer jobs with B.E or B.Tech, but due to increase in competition M.Tech is necessary. For getting assistant professor jobs in government colleges one should qualify NET.

    Is there any age limit that I should be aware of? I am 37 years now.

    To pursue B.Ed in OPen universities you don't need age limit. But to do regular course 28 is the age limit. Doing M.Tech does not have any age limit.

  • 1. For teaching students upto the level of X+II, you have to do B.Ed. But checking your qualification, I feel that you have to obtain your Graduation degree in basic Science/Commerce/Humanities. In case of teaching upto Higher Secondary level, you have become overaged.
    2. You may go for teaching technical subjects (in your case Computer Science). In this case, you don't have to bother about your age. M.Tech degree would be an added advantage. No need to do B.Ed. or any similar course.
    3. I advise you that if you want to shift to teaching profession, go for an M.Tech degree and simultaneously start applying for teaching at Undergraduate level in Engineering college.

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  • There are certain norms to be fulfilled in case you want to continue teaching profession in a a school though it may appear time consuming process. The essential qualification for a high - school teacher is a B.Ed degree after a graduation. M.Ed degree will enable for faster promotion in your career. The other condition to be fulfilled for a government high school teacher is to clear TET test conducted by the government. At the initial stage, you have to struggle a lot to make inroad in the teaching profession. However, you may derive satisfaction later in case you are having passion in teaching students of secondary classes.
    In case, you are interested for Lecturership in a government college, you need to acquire M.Tech degree or still better, clear the NET test organised by CBSE so that you will have permanent assignment in a constituent Engineering - college.
    Age would not be constraint in case you are persuing your B.Ed degree from a distance education university but for the regular course, you should be below 27 years of age.

  • You have three options.

    1. B.ED. Here you have to do the degree and then apply for the schools both either private or the govt based. Here your qualification is taken into consideration. And you'd be able to work on the teachers job.

    2. M.E. and B.E teaching job. Based on your industrial experience. You can teach to the engineering graduate. And that can be another option for getting into educational field. You can share the experience through guest faculty or you can appear for NEET exam at the university level. That can be another option to get employed through university.

    3. Private coaching. You don't have to be a teacher through traditional means. So you can start your own coaching center and teach on specific topics. That also helps out to many students. Another is that you can work on the coaching through other institution. They may also hire you based on your educational qualification.

    These are some of the options you have in this case. However considering you're 37 years old. You can rethink the B.ED option and see if you can choose either teaching to engineering students or joining some private coaching center.

  • You are a software engineer and you have 15 years experience. Now you want to shift to teaching line. Good idea. The following are the various options you have. Your age is not a problem for your teaching profession.

    1. With your present qualification and experience,many private engineering colleges will employ you as a lecturer. While. Working there you can complete your M. Tech in the same college on part time basis. Once you complete your M.Tech you can go for Professor post. While teaching in the college, you can complete your Ph.D also. Good private colleges are offering decent pay and perks aldo.

    2. To enter into a teaching profession for 10th or +2, you need need B.Ed. Without B.Ed you will not be offered a teacher post in any of the government school. Some private schools may give. But salaries will be very less. I don't advice you to go for a very small school.

    Among the two the best will be the number one option. It is better to take that route. Age will not be a problem. Many private colleges are preferring qualified industrial experienced people for teaching posts. You better pursue that line.

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  • With your qualification and experience you can try to get a lecturer job in private college. Once there, you can do part time M Tech to enhance your qualification.

    At this stage do not go for school teaching as B Ed is an essential thing for that and you can not pursue B Ed now.

    If you have aptitude you can join some good coaching institute or tutorial hub which are also paying handsome remuneration.

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  • 1) What can I do to enter into teaching field for classes upto 10th or 12th ? Do I need to get B.Ed. degree first?
    Yes, you need a B.Ed degree to teach in reputed schools, There will be some village schools where people without B.Ed will also be considered; but at least TTC qualification is required. You can teach students of primary class. To get a seat in a government school, you need to pass the SET exam (State Eligibility Test) and then appear for the PSC test and only once you pass both, you will be considered by the government schools. B.Ed is a must to teach in government schools. Once you have done B.Ed, you can get into any private schools, but some schools demand huge amounts for providing a job.

    2) What can I do to enter into teaching field in Technical subjects in Colleges? Do I need to get M. Tech. degree first?
    M.Tech is required to teach technical subjects in college. Any lecturer at college need to have a PG degree in the subject that they are interested to teach. As you are an MBA holder, try selecting a subject from MBA to teach, if you are interested or else you will have to start your M-Tech classes. B.Ed is not required to teach in colleges. To get a job in any of the government colleges, you need to first clear the NET exam (National Eligibility Test) then followed by the PSC exams for professors. There is no age limit for appearing for NET exams but 28 is the age limit for JRF.

    3) Is there any age limit that I should be aware of? I am 37 years now.
    To get a job as a teacher or a professor in private institutes there is no age limit, but if you are interested in government schools or colleges, you have to appear for PSC exams for which 36 years is the age limit. As you are already 37, you are too late in changing your career path. To be a lecturer in govt colleges, NET eligibility is required, no age limit is applicable so far but 28 years is the age limit for JRF (Junior Research Fellowship).

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  • Thanks everyone for your guidance. It's very helpful to me. I will now try to find out colleges in Pune where I can get a lecturer job and also pursue M. Tech in same college.

  • You want to switch from software area to teaching area. Now as you have already crossed your age for admission to B Ed, the only option for you is to try to get a teaching job in a private college or institution.
    You can focus for colleges where computer sciences are being taught. You can even try in some coaching institutes for computer applications and software. Meanwhile you have to increase your knowledge and skills in these areas though you may already be having a particular level but in teaching line one has to be prepared to answer the questions of students satisfactorily.
    If you are doing this changeover thinking that software area has not much future potential then it is a different story but if you are doing it because of your passion for teaching, you will definitely be successful in it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Its very nice thing to know that you wants to become a teacher or lecturer because you will get more repute in this profession and schools and colleges does not looking for candidates only but they also needs qualified teacher. Yes, B.Ed(Bachelor of Education) degree is necessary only if you wants to be a teacher in government schools and colleges. You are eligible if you have master degree in any field with any recognized university for teaching job in private schools and colleges and there is demo process also in private schools, senior staff watch out your performance first then they decide you get appointed as a teacher or not. I'll recommend you to graduate with B.Ed one year degree because they train you about how to teach, rules of teaching and methodologies of teaching so it makes additional adept in teaching profession and it is an exemption for you to get a job in a connected government schools with good salary. There is no age limit.

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