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    SBI Life Wealth Builder Scheme - Is it good?

    Have a query about the SBI Wealth Builder Scheme? Looking out for detailed information about this scheme like what it is, how good is it and its returns? Here, on this page get advice from experts and resolve your concerns.

    I was recently told by an agent about SBI Life's Wealth Builder Plan. From what he said, we have to pay equal installments for 5 years (Rs. 2lakh every year)and after 5 years our funds will be with them for another 5 years. At the end of the 10th year, we will get 25 Lakhs (approx). How good is this plan? Is it related to share market or mutual funds? If so is there any possibility that I will not even get Rs. 10 Lakh which I paid during the term.
    Is SBI life good and trustworthy?
    Can I know the benefits and flaws of the Wealth Builder scheme they offer?
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  • SBI life wealth builder scheme is good if you can forget about the money whatever you have paid in the scheme for the duration of the scheme that is 10 Years. But you have to see the plan thoroughly. I have taken a policy of the same nature. 5 years I have paid 1 lakh every year. Now I am waiting for the remaining time to be over. As far as I know, there is no chance for you to draw your money in between. You should pay the minimum for three years. Otherwise, you will lose your money. If you pay for 3 years and stop paying, they will give after 10 years for the money you paid on pro-rata. But in between, there is no chance for you get any finance from this.

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  • Is there any chance that I will lose the money that I have paid?

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