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    What should I do to learn programming

    Interested in learning programming? Wondering where and how to begin and what to do? You can go through the responses from experts on this page and decide how to study programming.

    I have studied commerce in 11 and 12 and now I have decided to take up programming or coding.
    So what should be my next step?
    I wish to go with animation but someone said that animation needs the programming and hence I decided this.

    But I don't know where, when, how and can I or am I eligible for this study?
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  • For programming, you should have some knowledge in some computer languages and then go for learning programming. Many good institutes are there like NIIT, they offer various certification and diploma courses in the above areas. You can join in those institutes, learn the language and programming. It will be useful to you for further improving your qualification in the field of your interest. You can contact NIIT and they will guide you properly.

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  • My advice is going to be unconventional here. I suggest avoiding wasting the money of parents. And not join any institute. Instead follow this route.

    1. Join Lynda, Codecademy and Udemy for learning Python and Java. These two languages have a strong future. You can also learn C# but that would .NET specific learning track. Which can be good for the career too.

    2. Join contests such as hackerfest for solving some of the difficult challenges. And then earn points which usually helps while getting interview calls for the MNC companies. There are some sites who offer this type of the contest to test your programming knowledge.

    3. Build sample or demo projects and have them on your portfolio. And continue to study existing courses after your 12th.

    Use the above experience for getting the job in IT companies. This seems to be the most unconventional path yet most of the students are following this. Don't spend lakh of rupees into NIIT, Aptech type of places. Those are just draining your money.

  • Please specify in detail on which programming language you want to go with so we guide you properly. There are many programming languages such as C, C++, ASP.Net, C#, Java, Python, Android, Visual Basic, Oracle, CSS(Cascading Style Sheet) and HTML5,... etc. Anyway If you wants or passionate to learn C and C++ then you should take an admission in BCA( Bachelor of Computer Application) stream on best institute and with any recognize university. BCA is a three year degree whether you learn mainly C language, C++, Data Structure, java, HTML & CSS coding and other subjects like networking, database and business communication,. .etc. You can also learn programming languages seperately through learning institutes like TOPS Technologies Ahmedabad, Framboxx, Mumbai,.. etc. You should visit the website known as by which you can learn the programming languages you want to learn in hindi.

  • There are two parts to programming. One is the algorithm or pseudo code development and other is converting this algorithm and pseudo code to the actual program in any of the languages you have learned. My advice to you is that even before learning any particular programming language first try to learn logic to be applied to develop a program and learn how to develop an algorithm for any particular program. For your information algorithm or pseudo code are steps written in English which represent what will be the statements of the program. Then you can write actual statements in respective programming languages. Let me give you an example. Suppose you want to write a program on sorting a series of numbers in an ascending order then first you need to think what logic you have to apply to write this program and develop the algorithm. So you need to write an algorithm like below:

    1. Compare the first two numbers.
    2. If the first number less than the second number
    output the first number

    Once the algorithm is written you have to write the syntax in the programming language you have learned. So if you are not able to write a logic in the first place then no use of the programming language. So idea is that you need to learn both, applying logic and developing an algorithm and then changing that to an actual program with the help of a programming language.

    Regarding the method of learning if you are one of those people who enjoys self-learning then you can do a self-study over internet and practice programming side by side.But If you believe in a formal training then you can join popular computer institutes. But remember one thing, by just joining a computer institute and doing a course on programming language will not help unless you do a thorough practice of developing your own programs side by side.

  • Today we have many tools in the market which are used for animation. If you want to go in Animation related field it is necessary, that you are good in art and drawing. You should be good in imagination. I would suggest you to please go through National institute of Design website and other such institution which are government aided and have variety of courses in this field.

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