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    Is there any government job exam without Maths?

    Do you plan to prepare for a government job but without Maths? Looking out for which posts do not need Maths? Here, on this page you can get ample suggestions for exams and posts in the government which do not need Maths.

    I am extremely weak in Maths and therefore I don't want to appear in Maths and logical reasoning question paper which most of the govt. job exams have.
    Are there any exams which don't have this paper?
    I heard it is not mandatory for stenography.
    Can you guide me in this?
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  • Mathematics is very important for all competitive exams. Don't think you are weak on this subject. Try to practice more and become perfect in that. Otherwise, it is very difficult to face any competitive exams. Basics you should learn. Once you learn basics you will become very good in mathematics. Start practising from now onwards.

    always confident

  • In all Central Government examinations, you have to appear in Mathematics and Logical Reasoning (Verbal and Non-verbal) except in Civil Services Examination. I think most of the competititve examinations conducted by the State Governments follow more or less same pattern.

    But please don't get disheartened. Generally the Mathematics syllabus in lower and middle level competitive examinations consists of basically Arithmatic and preliminary Geometry & Mensuration of middle standard. Any average student can manage the syllabus of Mathematics if he/she practises the question papers/model questions for three months or so. In addition, the candidate must learn the multiplication table very thoroughly upto 20 or 25. Same is applicable for Logical Reasoning also.

    So, practise rigorously for three months and then appear in competitive examination. Don't appear for the sake of appearing. Give it an honest try. You will definitely succeed.

    Best of luck!

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  • Many people gets puzzled and confused over seeing those crazy numbers and some insane symbols x and y 's found somewhere in maths called as algebra. But yet, mathematics is an extremely important not only as subject but also in our daily life. Hence it is asked in all most all the exams, not only in India but also many exams around the globe.
    Mathematics makes our life simple if we properly understand and apply it. All the engineering advancements and latest artificial advancements can't be made possible without maths. In fact most of the job exams for engineering graduates won't have maths as a subject, but one can hardly answer 10% of the questions without the knowledge over maths.

    Understanding maths depends on how you see those numbers. Change the way you look the things. The things may turnout to be different. I know a guy who used to work part-time in a grocery store who calculates lightning fast when he was in the store and then on opening the maths book he literally turns dumb. The only problem here is the way of looking maths.

    Try Vedic maths. They have some lively methods for understanding maths. I am sure you will find sometime later maths will be really funny and interesting to deal with.

    All the best.

  • Most of the government exam do have maths as a subject to qualify but still, there are few exams which don't require maths like if you give CDS
    If a candidate is girl she doesn't have to give exam of maths because the only option for female is through OTA (Officer Training Academy) but if the candidate is a male he have to give this exam to get into army for IMA(Indian Military Academy),INA(Indian Naval Academy) and Indian Air-force for permanent commission but even if a candidate is a male for OTA entry which is a short service commission you can leave maths exam and still qualify CDS.
    Still, I will suggest that you to brush up your mathematical concept if you really want to prepare for government exam because exam like CDS has very tough interview procedures and even after qualifying the written exam there is no guarantee to get a job.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

  • Hello,
    There are many high paying govt jobs that does not required Maths as a core subject to qualify -
    1. Civil Services
    2. CSPF - UPSC Assistant Commandant
    3. State PCS - (Public Service Commission)
    5. SSC CHSL
    6. CDS - Combined Defense Services
    7. LIC ADO/AAO
    8. TT/Ticket Collector/Loco Pilot
    9. Lok Sabha Protocol Executive
    10. Air Force Airmen
    11. AFCAT Exam

    I have found one YT video for this,
    If you want you can watch this too -

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