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    Is investing money in mutual funds through ET Money app verified and trustworthy?

    Want a review of ET Money app? Wondering how trustable is it? On this Ask Expert page check out the ratings and reviews by ET Money app users and decide whether to use this app for personal investment.

    As a matter of well known facts, there are several simple ways to invest own money in Mutual Funds like taking an SIP through bank, investing through brokers etc.
    While I know all of them, I learned about The Times of India's ET Money app which has almost all links to categorize and track your expenses and recommend a suitable SIP amount for the best suited Mutual Funds for you invest. Well, we all know about the Economic Times website in India and it's popularity and trustability. However, I want to know whether someone of you have actually used this ET Money app for investing in Mutual Funds sector and can you share the experience?
    How good is your rating for using the ET Money app? Some practical answers are highly appreciated.
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  • ET money app is being used by many persons. It is better not to use these apps for investment solutions. If I have to do that I will mainly go by the ratings of different schemes and I will go through a financial adviser and then decide. Initially, what you can do is use ET app and come to an understanding and then ask your financial adviser. If both matches, two or three times, then automatically you will understand how reliable the app is.

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  • Investing through the fundsindia, ETMoney, Wealthy, Scripbox is perfectly safe. As these platforms are licensed brokers. And they can be working as a commission person for the fund house. So they earn through the customer leads percentage from the trail commissions. They don't hold your data and use it against as that would be privacy issues. So they are safe on that note.

    However if you are investing into mutual funds, it's better to register directly into the fund house. And avoid going through such sites. As that can help with commission percentage leak. Though it's minor but leak nonetheless. If you want to invest into share market then you can make use of these brokers. Usually many people use such services as it gives them single dashboard for the investment portfolio.

  • Investment through Fundsupermart, Fundsindia, ETMoney, Wealthy, Scripbox, etc. in mutual funds and in other investment instruments is perfectly safe. Not only that, an investor gets suitable advice (in accordance with his/her risk profile and individual situation) from investment experts if they invest through these platforms. However, I would like to state that in case of investment in mutual funds through these platforms, the investors will have to invest in Regular Scheme of the chosen fund. Investment in Regular scheme instead of direct scheme causes a marginally less return to the tune of 0.25%-0.5% annually. If an investor is well conversant with investment philosophy of mutual funds, they should invest directly registering himself/herself directly with the chosen AMCs.

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  • Yes, Absolutely, When you invest though app your money is get invested directly with AMC, and even your redemption get processed from there only. ETMONEY is the aggregation that helps you in placing these transaction through app. And the best part you do not need to pay in commission for these transaction with ETMONEY

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