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    Career guidelines required for a mid-level banker

    Want advice for mid level banker career path? Searching for information about the career path along with good salary growth? On this page find suggestions from experts to all your queries.

    I am presently working as a Bank Branch Manager and having 7 years of Retail Branch Banking exposure and total work experience of 12 years. I am a commerce graduate with PGBDM in Marketing. I am presently 33 years old and feeling a mid life career crisis.
    Kindly suggest in detail which career path will give me job satisfaction with good salary growth?
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  • With your qualification and the experience, you can try for finance marketing jobs. There are many companies which will be doing the business. They will have a big list of clientele and they always look for new clientele.For them attracting daily customers, retaining them on the list for a long time and making contributions for growth is very important. They employ customer support managers. That line will be good for you and you can make a try there.

    always confident

  • Having put up seven years in one field means you have acquired certain level of skills and special knowledge in that field. So the natural carer path is to specialise in one sub category in your total knowledge in the field and then become an expert and authority in it by constant updating and exposure. Simultaneously you have to chose an upward path in the career either in the same organisation if that is possible or moving to another organisation of same business genre.

    You can also move to any organisation in related sector , however the core being all of or one or more from finance, banking and marketing. That is to say theoretically.

    However life also has its practical side with many if' s and but ' s. Probably you may be in the initial stages of a new family life. That means you have a family to look after and who look upon you for stability. So you have to tread carefully weighing all pros and cons and alternatives. Even choosing another employer in the same field also may have to be decided after analysing and weighing all factors. Then it depends on one's confidence, risk taking capacity and overall background.

    However ensure that you have the necessary experience, expertise ,attitude and aptitude to convincingly justify everywhere about how you will be the preferred one for them. Orient yourself in that direction of gaining more and more expertise and experience and extra knowledge.

    We may not get hundred percent 'satisfaction' throughout our life or career. That depends on what is our expectation. However we can always have a practical satisfaction which may need a will to compromise and tell ourselves that 'it is okay' or 'better than xyz(something else).." The one that satisfied us at a certain time may not satisfy us or motivate us at another time. So we have to be realistic and practical. Prioritising can make us less unsatisfied .

    So my suggestion is if you do not have any strong and compelling reason to quit the present job, and there is reasonable job safety, there are chances of career growth, then, continue in the same job. Equip yourself and work focused to get faster career elevations and financial compensations. Pass the various certificate courses r in house courses which can bring priority promotion or financial rewards. You can try the insurance marketing certification, mutual fund marketing certification etc which can come to your help.

  • Many professional go through a period called as a 7-year itch (started with married life after 7 yrs). This is a period of heightened dissatisfaction professionally and lasts for 2-3 yrs. You are a little early for a midlife crisis but at the right age for difficulties around 30.
    For various reasons like settling down, starting a family, new responsibilities, the reality of the job sinking in that's often different from what we dreamt about can cause one to feel 'under the weather' in our mid-thirties.

    Trust and accept yourself and your skill sets, Stop comparing yourself to your contemporaries and stop caring for the adverse comments passed by such people. You are what you are and if you been there for 7 years means that you do have the essential requirements to be the retail branch manager.

    What you need is a critical and threadbare assessment of what you have in hand, what you need and how realistic are your chances of getting that dream break.The last thing you need now is some hasty decisions. Have a short weekend break, enjoy the solitude, attempt to find your inner self and come back re-charged.

    Have an honest discussion with a good friend, senior from the same branch or a different branch or brand whom you know and start analysing your strengths and areas for improvement. This may take a few days, spend time bonding emotionally with siblings, spouse or children depending on your family situation.

    One you focus on positive thoughts and good things around you, then go back to the chart of your skill set and the areas you can improve on. If you find that taking a part-time course or focussing on a less known aspect of retail banking can improve your knowledge and skills, then move on to the next step of developing a framework. This framework will have the targeted time,finance and resources needed for developing yourself.

    Start this while you continue your present job and meet your supervisor or boss for the promotion or a new addition of responsibility that you lead to a pay hike. If your current employer can't meet your expectations, then start looking for the next best competitor in your retail banking sector at your place or a new place. Often people change their jobs for the next higher title, move to further branches in smaller cities or towns (eg Branch manager to Regional head) and then come back to the city in a couple of years at a higher designation.

  • Thank you for all your comment and suggestions but I am not actually depressed. I need some specific suggestions from an expert of banking industry. As digitization taken place in India i believe in next 5 years bankin will grow huge but with drustical changes in traditional system and process. Only specific skilled manpowers will be retained. I want to be prepare for it. Retail Bank Branch Manager is just a sales man now a days and i dont want to retire as Branch Manager. With my growing age i want to shift to a specific role or financial sector. I am not good at math hence i can't go for CFA or equivalant courses. What should i do to stick to a job to take care of my family with good salary. I dont want to compare my self with a IIM Ahmedabad PG profferional. But at the end of the day i also want to earn good money with a satisfied job role.

    People get job satisfaction not due to his job role, it depends what he love to do. I have asked my self but not getting answer as what will i love to do. What I am good at and what I want.

    Kindly suggest me something. I am completely confused.

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