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    Bleeding not stopping since 3rd day after taking unwanted 72.

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    On 5th day I had unprotected sex and after that within 72 hrs I took Unwanted72. Post 8th day I am suffering from abdominal pain and bleeding since 3 days.
    What should I do now? How long will the bleeding last? I am feeling very weak. My age is 30 yrs.
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  • It is known as withdrawal bleed following Unwanted 72 (emergency contraceptive pill), which occurs in 7 to 10 days post emergency pill intake. So, it is normal. It settles down as time passes by. It normally starts after 7 days, once you stop taking the pill, and can last for at least 4-5 days. The bleeding is very subtle along with clots. This usually occurs due to hormonal imbalance. If the bleeding continues for a long time, you have to go to a doctor immediately. Pain also come down within that period but if still, it is not coming down

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