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    Resignation from one central job to join another central job

    Have a query about the rules and regulations for joining in central government? Searching for the exact rules to understand what to do in case you get two jobs? Here, check out suggestions from experts to your query.

    I have got 2 jobs. I want to join the first one as other job will take time. The other one requires physical and medical test. So if I join the first one then is it possible for me to resign after I get the appointment letter from the other? Ir do I have to resign before? Both are central jobs.
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  • You need not resign before. First, you join the job for which you have already got appointment letter. Then you can attend the medical and physical tests by taking leave for the minimum required days. Once you get the appointment letter for the other job then you resign for this job. When you go for the medical test you can inform the concerned that you require minimum so much time to join in the job.

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  • Like getting an appointment letter from the Government, leaving a Central Government job may also take time. It is also complicated because of various procedural aspects. So, you have two alternatives in your preent circumstances.

    1st alternative: You seek extension of time to join the first job. At the first instance, you can get 3 months time to join. Overall you can get 1 year to join the job. During this period , you can complete the physical test etc in respect of the second job and join the second job. After joining, decline the offer of appointment to the first office (first job).

    2nd alternative: You join the first job. But immediately after joining, give intimation to the office in writing about your second job, so that later when the offer of appointment (in repect of the second job) is received, you can be relieved/you can resign as early as possible.

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  • Once you join a job in the central government, you would be put to the probation period ranging from 6 months to a year and hence joining the first job by clearing medical test and other formalities, you may not be allowed to leave the job. Some government jobs have bond formalities and in the event you want to resign from the same, you need to retune the bond money.
    However, you may indicate your option that you may leave the job in the event you are selected in the one and you are ready to return the bond money and in that case, the personnel - department of the first service may accept your resignation.

  • Partha 2nd alternative has been suggested by most of the people, terming it as technical resignation and saying that in excise ( my second job ) you can get extension for 3 months in that period you can wrap up your previous one.
    Now my question is, after how many days or months I have to intimate to the concerned of the first job to get technical resignation easily (paying bond money is not a concern)?
    And what can I do if there will be bond regarding time in the first job ?

  • Mr. Aarav: Your case is to some extent similar to mine. I joined Railways, signed a bond for 5 years service after 1 year training; applied for other jobs through proper channel and got selected in three jobs. I chose one of these three and submitted technical resignation. My bond was transferred for the residual period.

    In your case, you have to intimate your office about your second offer of appointment immediately after joining. In that case, you can tender technical resignation and your bond will be automatically transferred as both of these are Central Government offices. As the In-charge of Administration Division I have been dealing with similar cases and I know the procedure.

    In case you chose the second alternative mentioned by me in my previous reply, the most important requirement is to intimate your office about the other offer immediately after joining.

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  • Suggest me one more thing.
    In my second job there is physical and medical tests, then my appointment letter will come may be in may or June and the joining of my first job will be in January, so when I have to intimate just after joining my first job without getting appointment from the other or after the appointment of the other. Just want to join the first one as backup because if I pass physical test of excise will join it .

  • First of ll make your mind which job you prefer and like. Please remember that 'a bird in hand is worth two in the bush'. You have a sure order in your hand. In the second case there is some ''if' and 'but' condition. Even if minor, there is a risk of uncertainty.

    So join the ready job first ensuring that there is no difficult binding like service bond etc. Before you are appear for the physical tests for the new job, try to know about the procedure of resignation and the time involved in that, in case of need. if there is any column to declare about existing job, be honest to declare and also to seek sufficient time to resign and join .

    In case there is no bond and no stiff condition's for resignation during probation or training, then submit proper resignation complying the procedure and rules. Resign the present job only after getting the appointment letter and ensuring that you have sufficient time or you are given sufficient extension t get properly relieved.

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