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    Criteria to apply website for Adsense ?

    Want to know when and how can you apply for Adsense? Looking out for details online? On this Ask Expert page you can read the responses and decide how to apply for Google Adsense.

    I had never been a student of computer science even though I have created a website. I want to apply for Google Ad sense for monetization.
    What is the basic criteria to apply? Like how many visitors per day is required to apply and how many articles should be published?

    Provide suggestion for applying website for Ad sense.
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  • There are two options for the adsense applications, hosted adsense for which you go through sites like Indiastudychannel for applying for the monetizaation. It has it's own requirements. And once you get approval you can also apply for the full monetization of the account in which you can add additional sites. This is a good option if you don't have domain name and hosting. Apart from indiastudychannel you can use the youtube for this type of the process and you can get the account after 10k channel views.

    In second option in which you have domain (for minimum 6 months) and enough content like around 10-30 articles. You should consider making use of this to apply for the adsense account. This is most webmasters prefer who have the text based and video content. That's something I have seen with most of the people who choose to use the adsense.

  • Your website or blogger should have good content to attract more visitors. You should have more interesting subjects and videos to get more traffic. If you feel you have these two qualities for your website you can apply for the Adsense account. I used the word GOOD for both quantity and quality.
    Another option is to go through ISC and later on adding other domain names to your account. For going through ISC they have their qualification criteria. Once you qualify then you can go for your Adsense account.

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  • You can get Adsense approved from ISC. The following are the criteria for getting the adsense approved from ISC: You have to meet five requirements out of six.
    1. You should have received at least one prize.
    2. You should be an active member for six months
    3. You should have updated profile details with correct address.
    4. You should have got minimum 10 articles approved. The more articles, the better chances of getting the adsense approved faster. The articles should be of good quality.
    5. You should upload a verified photo.
    6. You should have achieved gold level in India Study Channel.

  • The thing which is required before participate in adsense is google hosted account with minimum six months old domain name of your blogspot and website, attract users by posting a great and meaningful content to get more original traffic. Do not request for enabling the adsense in website on the startup. third party advertisement should not be include in website.

  • Your website or blog needs minimum two articles to apply for AdSense. I got my AdSense account after six months. I had two articles with well written Privacy Policy page, Disclaimer page, Website Cookies Alert and Page, and TOS page. My application was approved easily without any ado.

    If you haven't set up those pages, your adsense application is more likely to get rejected. It doesn't matter whether you have contents or not but minimum one to two contents is enough.

    Disclaimer page is important. It tells users about the contents that are available in your websites.

    In case of cokkies, as per the Russian law implemented on every websites, no one should collect user data. In India there is no rule for privacy protection but if you're applying for AdSense then you will need privacy protection saying that you collect visitors information only to improve your website.

    TOS, also know as terms and condition page. It has made mandatory since user will have to agree to the terms of use if they are following your tutorials and if something turned wrong the you will not held accountable for that.

    However, to raise a revenue and to boost your earning, you need to write and contribute articles regularly.

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