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    Which is better domain for business in India among .in or .com

    Planning to get a domain name for your Indian business? confused between choosing to take up .in or .com? Resolve your confusion by reading the advice from experts on this page.

    Whenever I am in trouble I knock at the door of IndiaStudyChannel. I want to go a big way for my CIBIL Consultancy website for Indian public as I do not foresee any foreign clients.
    I want to purchase domain name cibilconsultants for my online CIBIL Consultancy. While India specific domain name is available for just 10-12 US dollars for 2 years but Top Level Domain cibilconsultants is listed in premium domains available for $235.
    Is it worthwhile to have top-level com domain for consultancy business in India only? Which is better domain for business in India among .in or .com?
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  • My advice is to go for the .in domain name and start your business. See how it will progress. if you are getting good clientele and you are happy with that continue the same. As far as I am concerned .in or .com are same. If you are not getting a good response for the .in, then you can go for .com. It is not a big deal.

    always confident

  • As per your detail, you can select .in domain for your business requirement as this one is more suitable in all aspects compare to .com (though content plays important role but still domain is very important for the region coverage, thus, .in will give you more Indian visitors than .com global visitors).

  • When you want to have a website for the local business then the domain extensions such as - and .in domains are good for the Indian business. In case .com may not be right. You'd have to compete with other business for the .com business exposure. And that may take more SEO effort. So you should first check with the .in and the domains. .Com and .in are not same in the eyes of SEO. You'd better go with the regional domains for the regional business with the local exposure. That's the thing you have to check out when it comes to managing the business presence on the web.

  • Thanks experts for good advice but I need further advice about pocketing other domain names for my India specific website with a dot in domain. In case I have already taken dot in domains with domain names cibilconsulatnts and xpertconsultants I would request the experts to guide me about other extensions which may help in the growth of my consultancy website on PAN India. Is it really worth it to purchase more extensions?

    Ashok Goyal

  • There was a time when .com was dominating the domain market in internet. With time the situation is drastically changed and .in is also equally popular and powerful as .com.

    In this reference I want to tell you that today the search engines are very fast and intelligent. If your site is really worth they will search it from anywhere and present to the customer in the top of their searches. What matters today is the content and utility of the site. If the user finds it excellent for his purposes he will immediately bookmark it for his future usage. So I do not think that extensions are going to matter so much today.

    I am a technical person and doing some technical answering work in a site which ends with .info. Whenever I am searching the relevant thing in internet I see that site on the first page of the search. No doubt that site is the topmost in that particular regime but what I want to emphasize is that content and its strength matters a lot.

    Knowledge is power.

  • In our country the .in domain is very popular and common ( in fact it is meant for India ) and you can go with it. At the same time the .com domain is the oldest one and it is present everywhere throughout the globe.
    Presently various domains are in usage and this may not be a crucial factor for the business. What is crucial is the usefulness and applicability of your site for the use of a particular customer.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • It depends on the business and the target audience. Let me tell you with example. lets consider a keyword "Kerala Tourism" or "Kerala Tour Packages" most of the searches will be from India because of the large population, but many foreigners are also looking for these keyword search, so the website should be ranked globally to some extend and locally in India too. in this case "" will work better (we can make the target country to India in webmaster tools) than

    If you are considering a keyword like "plumbing contractor in delhi" you should use .in domain than .com because .in will give you more priority in local businesses and better ranking in SERP than any other tld.

  • I will try to answer you for the second question. If you are really like to buy another domain for your CIBIL related business then you can get the similar business keywords like (hope, so far nobody registered the all above domain stated by you and example given here) or etc. etc.

    The second option is, you can still use your registered domain ( for example, above one for the other extension within the same first domain, like credit/ or loan/ etc. for the sub-domain or specific section which you just need to do some setting in DNS of the domain service provider.

    The third one is, if you are looking to purchase related business domain just to park or do business in the future for the domain, then you can do it so. Not sure someone will approach you to buy the purchased / parked domain unless you often follow up for its status and renewal. Hope it clarifies.

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