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    How and what to do to play cricket for country

    Aspiring to join the Indian cricket team? Looking out for the exact procedure and thus build a career in cricket? Check out this page for career advice from experts for your queries.

    I am 18 years old and from Oddisha, sambalpur and studying in class 12. I am really serious about cricket. I am a batsman and can also bowl: both leg and off spin. I really enjoy a lot while playing cricket. I am continuously playing Interschool matches for my school since past 4 years but without membership of any club.
    I am really looking forward to play for the country one day. Can you tell me what to do next?
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  • Now you are playing on behalf of your school in interschool matches. Go for intercollege selections. Go for interstate selection. In these matches, if you give a good performance the selectors will have their eye on you. If you can register for any club and start playing to the club you will have better chances of catching the eyes of selectors. Spend more time on practice. Try all the games without any hesitation. Once you perform well in these matches you will go to state-level competitions and then to the national level. More practice and perfection is required. As you make more and more matches your skill will improve.

    always confident

  • Many youngster play cricket in India,so you need to focus on talent and skill improvement and practices. Being in the nearest local cricket club or association in your area is important because, this would be the step stone and access to further moving up the Pre-Ranji competitive level cricket mathes. You need to continue playing for the local cricket and inter-college cricket. Once you talent gets you to playing at district level, from the district level, talented players can move to the divisional side (important area from where the coaches hear and see young players with potential) and then finally the Ranji trophy selections can be eyed for. Few years back Oddisha had its own Oddisha premiere league, you can try to find out more about the young players who played in these matches.

    Apart from talent and hard work, luck and opportunities also play an important role when there is a huge competition. Always look for other chances as mentioned below.

    Also now a days there are many local talent hunt and social programs to groom players from the rural areas. Keep this in mind when you interact with local leaders and sportspersons from your region. You can also check these websites.
    1. : This is cricket talent hunt site that focuses on talent in small cities and villages.Candidates who are born (17th July 2000 – 17th September 2005) can register on line.

    2. You can contact the state cricket body - Mr. Kulamani Parida, U-19 coach of Orissa, WEBSITE : E-mail :,,

    3., this website encourages you to send a short video of your best performance to 9321941094 and then talent can get noticed.

    4. You can enroll as a volunteer during IPL matches, this would give you exposure from the bench side and also get a chance to meet players. For instance, Royal challengers Bangalore has a RCB bold Army, try and google for such openings, who knows, it might open many doors for you.


  • When it comes to the playing the cricket for the country, here are some of the flow that usually players follow.

    1. City level cricket.
    2. State level cricket
    3. Zone level cricket and short form leagues. e.g. state level T20 leagues.
    4. IPL
    5. National level cricket team

    So usually the players start from the first level and then all the way to the the national level game. You can see that IPL and other T20 level cricket to the national cricket team. So it depends how the players are moving based on the performance. I suggest reaching state and city level cricket first and then take the game towards the country level cricket. Based on your performance you're likely to be selected for the country. These days short form cricket like T20 and 50 overs cricket is in demand so you may want to perform into this.

  • For making a career in any line one has to work hard in a focused and determined way and then only success can be achieved. This is very true for cricket also.

    If you are really interested in this line and want to make a career out of it then you will have to not only play from your school team but also search the cricket clubs in your area or nearby towns. The clubs which are playing in state levels and national levels will be the best to try for your entry there. Once you show your skills in this game they will be more interested to enroll you in their team.

    Keeping oneself fit and healthy is a prerequisite of any sports or game and you must take care of that to the best extent possible. Do not neglect your studies thinking that you are playing nicely and you can rise in life without it. Education is the most important asset one has as it will save you from many disasters in life. So be attentive to your studies also and try to clear the exams with simultaneously pursuing your passion game.

    Many good cricketers have come up to the national level through their schools or cricket clubs. Do not forget that this is a very competitive area and there is practically cut throat competition in this line and be prepared to have some set backs during your journey in this line. Do not be bogged down with those hindrances as everyone who is ambitious is facing them in their respective career lines.

    Knowledge is power.

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