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    Query about future after failure in Diploma

    Worried what to do after a failure in engineering diploma? Looking out for the best courses after tenth class? Here, on this page check out advice from experts and overcome this failure.

    What can I do after failing in diploma in electrical engineering fail? What can I do after tenth pass?
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  • You have done your diploma in electrical engineering but failed in some subjects. Can you just think and see whether it is possible to get them cleared by attempting another time.
    If it is not OK for you, think of getting an ITI certificate from any local ITI by showing your failed information to them. Many colleges are ready to give. Using that ITI certificate you can get a job in any company as an electrician.
    Many experienced electricians will be taking up house wiring contracts, you can join with them and learn work from him and you will get some money from him also as a helper. Once you are sure that you can manage the works on your own take the contracts on your own.
    Third option is to try as a helper in any industry.

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  • You should not be unduly perturbed for your failure in the diploma in the Electrical - engineering being persued by you. Instead, you must analyse the circumstances leading to your unsuccessful attempt.
    Best recourse would be to clear the backlog papers with your renewed vigour and if possible take the help of your professors of your college. You may also try to solve the question papers of the previous eight to ten years and you may submit the solved papers to one of your closest professor for evaluation. Follow the tips as suggested by him. Your sincere preparation for the examination will not go in vain.
    To start a new course will consume your time and success in that area will depend upon your passion and interest in the chosen field. Hence it would be better to try the present assignment with a positive spirit so as to clear your diploma.

  • You have joined diploma after completing 10 Class. You have not stated which year you have failed in diploma, it's first/second/third. Since you have stated that you have failed, its better to focus on your studies and try to clear the papers. It's not impossible if you have will to do and determination to complete the course. Plan for your studies diligently, prepare well, work hard and try to clear the subjects. You will have better future, with plenty of job opportunities in varied sectors, such as construction companies, electrical manufacturing industries, computer sectors etc. You can also have your own business setup in electrical devices/ equipment's etc. If you are not at all interested in diploma course and you are unable to focus on studies / you are unable to clear the subjects due to personal problems, then choose to pursue courses which are skill based. Try to introspect yourself in which areas you are good at, which fields interests you then choose the areas to continue your studies. There plenty of courses available for studies after 10 Class. There are many colleges and universities that offers certificate courses in different areas such as certificate courses - mason, plumber, wire-man, painter, cooking, dance, yoga, tool and die making, writing and many other fields. Find out yourself in which areas you like to work, get some help in career guidance. Never be discouraged, never feel dejected. Failures are just part of life. Think positive and aim for better prospects. If you are neither interested in both then you can opt for working. Join as an assistant / helper/ in any electrical workshop or in electrical companies, construction sectors, get good experience, Then you can choose to become self employed or an entrepreneur. Wishing you best!

  • The very first way to have a better future is to qualify the exams and complete the course successfully.
    Nothing is impossible and anything can be achieved with honest dedication and hard work. You should give another try with better preparations. As you have enrolled for this course after your 10th examinations, you still have time in terms of age for entering the professional life.
    If the above mentioned solution does not work, you should focus on your regular studies and complete 11th and 12th Standard examinations with good scores and the subjects of your interest. If you will choose the subjects of your interest, the study will become easier for you. Scopes are available in all fields for deserving candidates so do not go for any course without interest and just for the sake of it's name only.
    Once you complete 12th, you can pursue regular degrees to have jobs afterwards. You can also go for short term professional courses which are available in most of the fields now days.


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  • Failures are only a temporary hurdles in ones life and they will be there whenever we are attempting to go up in our educational pursuits or professional career. We have to face them boldly and should not deviate from our efforts to get the desired goals.

    Stop thinking on the past and prepare for future with renewed vigor. There must be provision of clearing your subjects in successive attempts and you should take advantage of those facilities. As you have partially covered some subjects why to back track now from the planned course. Complete your diploma and then you can apply for jobs in so many companies or organisations.

    This is the one side of coin and let us examine the other side where you feel that you do not have interest in pursuing your education further. If it is really so then do not waste time in it and rather start searching for jobs right now with your resume as it is.

    Please remember that there are many electricians in the market who do not have any formal diploma but with experience and hard work they are earning a handsome amount. Why not to join some big electrical and electrical appliances shop where many customers just come to search for electricians for the routine repair and maintenance jobs. They even give you some commission if you install a electrical gadget in the customers house purchased from their shop.

    In this line what matters most is skill and customer relations. If you behave cordially and in a pleasing manner with them they will time and again call you for jobs and once it spreads from them to their friends and relatives you will have a big clientele ready for you.

    The ultimate mantra is whatever job you do, do it with full concentration and focus and that is the only way to success in this competitive world. There is no substitute for hard work.

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  • You have to first check your area of interest. Since after tenth standard, it is your duty to check your interest to pursue your studies for career growth. Still if you are interested in Electrical Engineering, you can try to clear your arrear subjects. It will avoid of wasting time to go for another course.

    If you are not interested in doing Diploma, you can go for I.T.I course. After finishing the course, you can go for a job in various Technical posts. But it is suggested to have some two or three years course after tenth standard which will make you to understand the Technical aspects in a better way with Practical knowledge.

    If you are not interested the above two, you can join with a team where they can take electrical contract in a company or housing construction. It will help you to get practical knowledge and within few months, you can start your own of getting contracts.

    So decide your career based on your interest and act.

  • If you feel that you can not pursue the diploma course for further attempts, do not waste your time and go for some ITI course which suits your liking and try to gain more knowledge in that field specially the skill and practical part.
    You can afterwards try to get a job in private companies or big shops who are sending its employees for repair and maintenance to its various clients.
    Electrical machines and gadgets are now a days present every where and there is lot of scope for their repair and maintenance. Refrigeration, house wiring, auto electrical, air conditioning etc are the areas where immense opportunities are there for work.
    So if academic pursuits are not your cup of tea leave it and concentrate to learn the practical works in some workshop.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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