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    14 Year old guy is Android Developer

    Are you wondering how to promote a young android app developer? Looking out for career advice on the web? Scroll through this page and get instant advice for growing the app developer.

    My son is just 14 year old and he has already launched his 4th new android app " My Share Plus ". He is a student of class IX. He has developed all his apps without the help of any teacher but just by internet Blogs and Youtube Videos.

    Now I want to promote him and want to decide his career. Where can we get support to develop his ability?

    My Share Plus android app helps to record personal or group expenses. And also helps to split bills and expenses with friends.

    Can you guide us as to how we can educate him? What career path should he decide?
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  • Hi,
    First I would like to congratulate you and your son for the job he performed. No doubt this success shows the interest for the developing application for the android platform. as he is only in class IX, it is surely a credit for him. Now a days there is a huge demand for android application developer, which is a lucrative career option for the young guys.
    I think that engineering field will be suitable for your son. But as he is now only in class IX , let him complete his 10+2. In the mean time you can enroll him in any short term application development certificate course to sharpen his technique.

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