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    Related to doing diploma in Canada

    Aspiring to make a career in aerospace or aviation sector? Searching for whether it is worth it and if it has a scope for jobs in Canada? Here, on this page find advice from experts regarding the career scope of aviation and decide further course of action.

    I want to know whether doing diploma in Aviation sector is helpful for getting a job in Canada aerospace industries?
    I have completed my BTech in Aeronautical Engineering. Now I am looking for doing diploma in Confederation college.
    What is your opinion: is it helpful?
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    I think you have chosen the correct pathway. The aerospace industry in Canada is a multi-billion dollar industry exposed to the global market and growth influences. Overseas engineers often need a professional engineering license registration, that needs 3-4 years of supervised work and an exam in the end. Confederation college Advanced Diploma is a three year course. Scout out if you can emigrate with your present qualification for employment and do part time studies, if not pursue your degree and then look for a job.
    1. there seems to be a demand for aeroscape engineers ( A Private site about aerospace jobs related migration). It's NOT a government site, please be cautious.

    2.This website gives you a detailed summary of the aircraft related engineering jobs, the credentials, the different subclasses of jobs, the registration etc for immigrants.

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    To, The Editors of ATE
    I don't have the need to post copied content on this site.
    For the first paragraph- professional license - I have answered a query on Canada earlier.
    1. I have checked this site and given the link, mentioning that it's not a government site
    2. I have read through this site which lists the qualifications, licensing, job types and potential employers which I have not elaborated.

    I'm happy if you don't give points or credits, BUT don't label it as copied content. I am in this site NOT for money or revenue.

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