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    No cardiac activity in fetus after 5-6 weeks of pregnancy

    Have a query about foetus growth? Worried what to do if there is no cardiac activity in the foetus? On this page, find guidance and advice from medical experts to all your queries.

    I am 35 year old. I am married from 7 years. After 5-6 weeks of pregnancy, in scan we did not see heartbeat. All Sac , foetal pol is seen but there is no cardiac activity. We faced the same issues 5 times. 3 times it was natural pregnancy and 2 times IVF. My husband went through varicocele surgery and we have done genetic test also 3 years back for both of us and that seems to be normal.
    I am also having less egg reserve. This time we went through donor egg but still the problem is the same. What else we can do now ? Any test we need to do?
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  • This is a complex and delicate scenario. What you need to do is to see the specialists in the Obstetric High-risk pregnancy and a Foetal Medicine expert.
    You and your husband need to sit down and write down all the relevant medical history in both your lives so far in a chronological order. I'm sure they would have checked for consanguineous marriages and foetal loss in families on both sides.
    Then get all the records pertaining to the previously lost pregnancies including medications and pathological reports of the foetus/es.
    Seek an expert in a reputed medical college like CMC Vellore, AIIMS, New-Delhi, You can also contact the Indian Academy of medical genetics ( write to them and seek expert advice once more.
    Once we get some answers or progress then you can give a try for normal or assisted pregnancy. In the meanwhile, you both can preserve your eggs and your husband's sperms in a reputed banking unit.
    Have a frank discussion with your obstetric consultant and you both to explore the option of surrogacy.

    You can also check the site in USA,UK,Europe where they have advanced genetic counselling
    contact them and request them for help, they might oblige. Please be careful with monetary transactions.
    Seek the help of Almighty and a holistic approach to this issue.

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