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    How to develop database software

    Interested in making a database software? Looking out how to start coding in PHP, develop a website , learn Linux and cmd command? On this Ask Experts read the responses from experts to all your queries.

    I am new and now learning PHP language but yet I want to develop a computer software like database. Can someone assist me on that?
    How to develop a website by coding?
    How to use Linux and how to use the computer CMD command?
    How can I make a database software work properly?
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  • You have multiple questions under single question so let me guide you specifically on each one.

    Let's first handle the part for the PHP and MySQL.

    Download Bitnami LAMP on your computer (be it windows or Linux there is a installer). And you can then start developing local with that installer.

    1. Check this tutorial for PHP MySQLi connection to database.

    You can see additional videos on this point here:

    2. Learn how to access the database table and read and update and delete using PHP.

    Now let's take a look at your Linux and terminal commands questions.

    Check out the Terminal commands guide here :

    I am assuming the Ubuntu linux here which is debian based. You can try other tutorial for Suse and Redhat for different terminal commands.

    This part is about making database software working properly.

    First you have to build a database say using the PHPMyadmin and also learn how to access and modify using the code. Make sure you know how to optimize your firing queries from your php code. So you learn as you write code. Don't try to optimize and try to make things to work properly from first line of code. Make mistakes and update the code as you do.

    Hope this helps you build a good mysql database and make better PHP application.

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