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    Never ending interest in this field

    Want to join the food and beverages sector? Wondering if one can study PG Law and then become a food critic? Here, on this page you can go through the responses from experts and get answers which can help you define your career path.

    Though I have done Masters in Law, I have a deep desire to experience this field as I have always watched the shows and read articles regarding food industry.
    I want to know how one can become a food critic and also get a real time job in this area?
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  • You are interested in the food industry with ML degree. You are a low postgraduate so you can be a good administrator in the food industry. Why can't you think of starting your own food industry? That will give you a good exposure to the industry you wanted. There are many people available who can help you in technical matters.
    The opportunities for law graduates in the food industry are very less. There is an Institute known as CFTRI in Mysore. They conduct some certificate courses for this industry. You can try that certificate course and then a job in that line. Otherwise, you have to join personnel and administrative department of any big food industry.

    always confident

  • Today it is not very uncommon to adopt a career line different from your academics. If you have interest in food industry then best course is do some diploma in the related field like hotel management or catering or food and beverage areas or housekeeping and many other off shoots of this industry.
    After doing that you can apply in big hotels or companies or plants which are engaged in various activities related to processing of food and food items to selling it in the market. You can start your own food processing unit or even catering of food items to various parties and big gatherings.
    This is really an interesting area where you can join the food shows or functions or arrange your own outlets in fairs etc. Once you gain experience you can focus in a particular branch for maximizing your revenues.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Since you have done PG in law and are interested for the food - industry, you can go in this assignment provided you equip yourself with all the technologies being employed in food - industry. You may undertake a tour of some of the distinguished industries and observe the practices being followed in such industry. Simply by talking to the people of the personnel department of the industry would not help you, you need to go in depth and for this you need to go in the production - sites and talk to the staffs deputed over there. Analyse the constraints and try to know how the issues cropping up can be addressed succesfully. Such trips to different food industries will enhance your confidence in your new assignment.
    In major cities there are lot of demands of food prepared in the households and there is no dearth of customers provided you maintain a chain of sending of prepared foods to the destination of diffent employees through the hawkers managing the tiffin distribution. However, you may choose other assignments as well depending upon interest.

  • You can start as a freelancer in this regard. You can also register/join in various sites in the relevant field and become their contributor. You can start by creating your own blog and also be the food critic contributor newspaper and magazine catering to such field. There are many TV channels in this regard. You may view them.

    You can create and suitable video clips i You tube etc on some restaurants etc (with their permission). Once they become popular, you may get invitations from websites, journals, TV channels seeking your service.

  • Good to know that you are keen to be a food critic. The most important prerequisite for this would be a passion for food, good taste buds, creativity and exuberance. It takes some time to understand the job and be a fair critic. One needs to know the relevant historical facts and interesting data related to the raw ingredients and the food product itself.Being a critic is not only for the dish, but for the hotel's ambience, staff courtesy, pricing, way food is served and the whole experience, if you are too harsh and curt, industry will not like you, if you are too generous and not accurate people won't like you, so it's a balance of both.

    Pizza is popular with youngsters and teenagers, you are writing a blog or commenting or doing a live food show, the quality of your presentation will enhance if you knew that it was invented in Italy in 1880's for Queen Margherita, or the nutritional value etc. Similarly knowledge of ethnicity and the evolution of their food habits are also very useful.

    Some of the preferred or useful qualifications or knowledge for a food critic is a background or a bachelors degree in journalism, English (or regional language or writing) and communication skills. If you are serious and contemplating a career change then you can think of these correspondence courses which would take you in the higher ranks of the industry

    MBA in hotel management (covers food and beverages)
    MBA in hospitality management by IGNOU
    Diploma in Food & Beverages

    If you are new to this, then the easiest way to start is flipping through the supplements of the common newspapers that you get. Most of them carry a food and kitchen section once a week, wherein dishes, recipes, hotels etc are reviewed as a short write up.

    You can watch videos and food shows to observe how the show anchor performs. Then focus on one sub-set i.e Chinese, European or offbeat cuisine or traditional but unusual Indian recipes. Then gradually think of starting your own food blog and keep writing, once time and content increases, your traffic will increase. write clearly and concisely with impressive good pictures. In your blog or website add on favourite foods, healthy food, food health tips, festival foods etc to make it interesting.

    Meanwhile use your contacts to get you to critic small restaurants and present in regional tv channels, paper supplements etc. You can also explore street food or small but hugely popular mobile food vendors in your area and be using your creativity make it an attractive short presentation. With your network or persistence try to meet some popular chefs and food critics in your region or a 3-5 star hotel to get an inside peek into the food industry. Once you are a couple of months into this, you'll realise your potential and then you can decide to be a part-time food blogger or a full time professional in the food industry.

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