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    Engineering graduate wants to pursue B.Ed in English

    Do you want to pursue B Ed in English after completing B Tech? Is it feasible? Just go through the suggestions given by our ISC experts here.

    Dear all, I have completed my B Tech and working for MNC but my passion for being a teacher is always there especially as an English Faculty. I would like to know if I'm eligible to to my B.Ed in English to be eligible for Government teaching jobs?
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  • You can contact National Institute of Open Schooling through which B ED and DED programs are being taught from distance education mode and your aim and wish would be fulfilled.

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  • These days B.E/B.Tech graduates also are eligible to apply for B.Ed in regular mode or in distance education mode. You have to write the entrance test and you have to get qualified with a good rank so that you will get the seat in a good college and in the specialisation you want. You have to take mathematics and science as optional. English will be given to those people who have special English in their group in the degree. If they are not there, then the others will be offered. So there is no guarantee that you will get a seat in English but you will get B.Ed seat.

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  • Hi,
    I am surprised with your query. I mean I have never seen an engineer who wants to have career in teaching and that too for literature.
    I would suggest you apply for CSIR NET and UGC NET examinations. Select the category of LS (lecturer ship). You have option to select the subjects as per your choice. If you will qualify the same with good rank, you can get lecture job very easily.
    B. Ed is again an option for you, but then you have to qualify many other level examinations to get teaching opportunity for higher classes.


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  • Being an engineer, it is better to pursue the career in the same field, and attend to your English passion. But if you are passionate about teaching English, then you can choose to study certificate courses in English teaching through distance education. But see that you take care of your job too. Getting a job in MNC is not a joke, you have got through after many hurdles. There are many on-line courses that offers certificate courses in teaching English. Many courses such as professional certificate course in English language teaching are internationally recognized. You can teach to individuals in companies, corporate sectors, English training centers. You can also enroll in colleges to provides soft skills training programs for professionals, write content for magazines, papers etc. Once you hold a teaching certificate in English you can choose to become lecture by written the net examinations. You will also qualify for B.Ed training program in English with one more optional subject mathematics/science and teach in schools, colleges and professional colleges where English is also imparted as a study subject in varied courses such as management courses.

  • Every person tries to pursue a profession for livelihood and financial stability. Whether you do engineering or medical degree or simply M Sc / Ph D the ultimate aim is to get an occupation.

    Apart from this there is an important aspect and that is the aptitude. If you get a job as per your aptitude it will give you complete job satisfaction and you will feel fresh every day to go to and attend your job with full interest. So in your case as you have stated that teaching is your passion, you must try to switch over to it after duly considering your financial aspiration. As one has to take care of his family also so decisions can not be taken barely on passion or sentimental grounds. We have to see the ground realities of this world also.

    Anyway after seeing the pros and cons if you decide to make this change over then there are various options. Doing B Ed from a distance education mode is the one after which you can apply for the school teaching jobs. Another is as you are an engineering graduate, you can appear in NET exam and qualify for the lectureship.

    Have you thought to do M Tech also so that your chances for applying and selection become brighter specially in private colleges. There are other options also like teaching in coaching institutes which remunerate as per ones abilities and work output.

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  • If you want to become an English teacher, you have first complete Graduation and Post-Graduation in English and then go for B.Ed. Although very recently Engineering students have been allowed to pursue B.Ed., the change would not serve any purpose in your case, i.e., if you want to become an English teacher. With degree in Engineering, you won't be able to get appointment as English teacher.
    If you are serious to pursue your dream, take admission in B.A(English) in IGNOU or in any other open Univerity at the earliest.

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  • I think the best course in this case will be to pursue Masters in English through a correspondence course and then try for B Ed. That will make the complete qualification for applying for a post of teacher.
    Even without B Ed after your Masters degree you can try for lecturer ship in some private college. You will have to show your proficiency in English language specially in your interview if you are going to change your career in this way.

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  • Well, if you wants to become a english teacher in private schools and colleges then any post graduated person can apply for a teaching job. Many of the engineering graduate candidates be eager to become lecturer. I'm surprised when I read the query that you wants to pursue a career in teaching profession. B.ed(Bachelor of education) is necessary if you wants to teach in government schools and colleges. Mainly government schools and colleges require english lecturer.

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