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    Regarding admission of new child

    Have a query about school admissions? Want to know the correct age eligibility and how many standards should one do before going to standard 1? Resolve your concerns based on inputs from experts on this page.

    My child is born on 9th April 15. What is the age of school start and for which Standard. I also want to know how many standard for a child before class one and if are all compulsory ?

    Also what is time of seeking admission for session 18-19?
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  • There is no rule that children have to go to school before the 1st standard. These days as both the parents are employees and they are busy, the concept of play school and then kindergarten school. Playschool for one year and then LKG and UKG for two years. Then comes the first standard. Your Child has completed her 2nd year and running 3 rd year. If you are interested you can put her in LKG in any good school near to your house so that she will slowly accustom to the school environ. By the time she completes her 4th year she can get joined in 1st standard.

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  • There always is some confusion in the entry age ( minimum age as of 21st March for that year's enrollment or upper limit). States have different rules. For instance in Karnataka, in most private unaided schools, the entry age for Class-1 is 5 years and 10 months and the entry age for LKG is 3 years 10 months.

    There is some controversy in Delhi, the official age is minimum three years as of 31st march 2017 to enter LKG. some schools in Delhi follow the upper age limit for entry to upper age limit for entry into LKG is 4 years, UKG is 5 years and 1 standard is 6 years.

    So it's worthwhile to check the website of the education department and the schools you wish to apply, now itself so that you have an idea whether to put the child in a Pre-nursery or not.

    Many schools have few years of activity early that 1 standard

    Pre-Nursery or Toddler Group - 2 years and above
    Nursery or Pre-KG - 3 years and above
    KG (LKG,UKG) - 4 years and above
    Then Class/Standard-1 - 5 years and above

    Pre-school is not mandatory as long as the child is eligible for I standard admission and the entrance tests that many school hold before admission into the respective classes. So my suggestion is, it would be better if the child completes LKG, UKG and then is ready for 1 standard.

    based on your information, the child should be ready for enrollment for Pre-Nursery in 2018-19, LKG in 19-20, UKG in 20-21 and 1 standard in 21-22. Usually applications are given during or announced in January for that year.
    Given the difficulties people face now, i would suggest that you decide whether you are going ahead for pre-nursery, then shortlist 4-5 good schools in your area and then approach them directly now itself to avoid confusion and to ensure that the entry age is met (a few months of age either side, the child can or cannot start that particular academic session).

  • As I read your query your child has just completed 2 years. For this 2017 academic year, you cannot admit your child. But for 2018 you can admit your child for prenursery. The correct age for pre-nursery is 2 years 10 months. First, you admit your child to pre-nursery, then next year LKG and so on continues. Actually, if you're admitting to Kendriya Vidyalaya from 1st they don't check whether the child has completed LKG and UKG. But private schools do check. As per my suggestion its better you send your child from pre-nursery itself. That is the right time to send your child to school because when it comes to the first standard it will understand what is school and why it most necessary. The first three years it will learn how to write and identify the things. So you can try to admit your child for the next academic year.

  • Now a days it is a common practice to send the child for prenursery then LKG and then UKG and finally to class 1. This is not mandatory but it is good for the child as he gets sufficient exposure to school environment well before class 1.

    Though rules in different states vary slightly but as a rule of thumb an age of 5th year running is required for class 1. From this calculation your child will be running 3rd year in March'18 and can be admitted in LKG. By following this you will be losing or gaining only 6 months to either side.

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  • There is no hard and fast rule for admitting your child in pre school and it basically depends on his age. If you can manage him in house till age of 5 then he can be admitted in class 1.
    It is only the working parents who have an essential need of keeping their kids for a few hours in the pre school as they have to leave house for their work. Otherwise also they will have to hire a caretaker for kids during their absence.
    Generally age of 5 is considered for class 1 and practically speaking any age between 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 yrs as on the specified date is adequate for the purpose.

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  • Since your child will be completing three years in April 18, that would be the right age for admission for LKG and on completion of a year, the child would automatically go in cases UKG.
    So prior to admission to class one for which the right age is five, the child attends LKG and UKG. Earlier the concept of admission for LKG and UKG were not available and the child could have been admitted in class one straightway on completion of five years.
    The new system has come into force due to time constraint of the parents to look after the child in the wake of their preoccupation with their jobs and as such they need a Montessori school for their kids for play and learning.

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