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    Connection is not private message - how to resolve this problem?

    Having a query about internet privacy? Worried whether you are vulnerable to the internet? Here on this page you can browse through the advice from computer security experts and resolve your queries.

    When I enter into a website, it shows the following error message: your connection is not private.
    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from the website (for example passwords,messages, or credit cards).

    What is the solution to this problem?
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  • One of the reasons is the error in logging into the network connection. And this happens with my computer too if I don't update date and time correctly. It happens for other reasons such as a huge search data in your browser.
    You can try on other browser or clear data of the current browser.
    If you are worried that you're being tracked, you can open incognito windows in google chrome. Or any other private browser.

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    We are all know about the internet and it is famoused all over the world even a small village .
    Most of the cases everyone knows how to use but no one knows how to secure.

    I will directly come to your question . It happens when you are entered a third party software or websites through a third party browser.
    It is the hacker's world, so be aware of using fake websites.

    If you are entered a correct website and still it shows that someone is hack you or someone steals your personal information. In such cases it is better to go back safety. Reopen the same URL with a new browser.

    Many patties were linked to other third party softwares. So be careful while using Internet.

    I hope you have satisfied with the above suggestions .

  • The reasons for this display may be,
    • Wrong date and time
    • Invalid Google chrome Cache and Cookies files
    • Firewall Error
    • Browser Error
    The Solutions for this problem are as given below.
    Wrong Date & Time:. Please check your date & time again and make sure they are correct. If it is not correct please correct your date and time and try to check.
    Invalid Google Chrome's Cookies & Cached Files: Cache and cookies can cause this error. If you clear cookies and cached files in Google Chrome, you can remove this error message.
    . Firewall Error: Windows firewall may block some website for the invalid certificate.In this case, you need to avoid open this type of site and if its important disable your firewall and open it.
    Browser Error: Some feature does not work on specific browser like java doesn't work on google chrome.It becomes disabled by default and you have to enable it.In this situation, you can change your browser to open your chosen sites.

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  • When you're getting the error for not secure connection. That means the website has the SSL certificate expired. And also the website needs to have the permission from us to visit that page. Such errors also occur due to the lack of HTTPS SSL certificate. So it is upto you to either browse them or move away from such sites. Today browsers like chrome and firefox are making it harder for the website to check out without having SSL.

    In your case you must be getting those errors due to lack of SSL. You may have to allow "continue anyway to the website name" link at the bottom. And that should take you to such site. But do note that never visit any bank website without SSL or say the green HTTPS bar in the browser URL box.

  • In addition to the above suggestions and possibilities , let me add my view and suggestion.

    I had also faced a similar issue and that also with respect to this very site. You can read about that in the forum thread "Why 'not secure' is showing in login page" . You can get it from :-

    If the case is similar and you are sure about the site then you can proceed. If you are not sure, then avoid visiting the site or at least avoid entering any sensitive or private information in the site.

    However keep your browser and internet safety software always updated t be safe.

  • Follow this steps to fix this error, first check date and time and correct if its wrong. Open run dialog box by pressing Windows + R key. Type regedit and tap enter to open registry directory. At the left side of the screen open the following path : Hkey_Local_Machine> Software> Policies>Microsoft> System Certificate> Authroot. Now double tap on DisableRootAutoUpdate on the right side and set it to zero in dialog box occuring. Restart your pc to apply registry changes and thats it the error is permanently solved, it will not show this error again.

  • Hi Friend
    This kind of error occurs mainly because you have not updated date and Time your PC or laptop.First update it and again try to open the link.And also this error may occur if there is lot of search items in cache and so clear your cache regularly and then try to search.And windows firewall also block some websites because of security issue.

  • It is always advice to surf the web in private mode when doing financial transactions online. The reason is that you haven't enabled safe browsing in your anti-virus and it is alerting you about the risk.

    If the website that you are visiting is blacklisted by search engines due to spamming and hacking issues because the site might be offering illegal softwares and articles about hacking then you will be prompted with a warning message that say the site is not private. If you visit ignoring the message will jeopardize your system contraptions.

    In such cases, your compiter is more likely to get infected by Trojans and Spyware. What precautions need in such cases is simply refrain from visiting websites that certificates are expired.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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