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    What should I do? Need career guidance

    Are you looking out for career guidance in the mechanical domain? Want to know the future of jobs in oil and natural gas? Here, on this page find advice from experts.

    I have completed B.E Mechanical Engineering in 2016 and did Piping Engineering course. But I didn't get placed in any Piping design company because the oil industry is down. There are no projects in big and small Piping design consultancies.
    Its been a year now I did't get a job in this field. I have applied in many companies but no response.
    Should I change my field??
    Also in the future the Oil & Gas sector is going to be replaced by renewable energy and electric cars will be the future. Many countries have banned the use of oil & gas products in near future like France,China and also India as it is in the news.
    Will there be Piping Design jobs or site jobs in future?What should i do?
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  • If you attempted GATE or any other aptitude tests use that score to get entry into a government company's interview.
    Or if you wish to leave abroad for higher studies try to write exams like GRE, IELTS, or TOEFL.
    Or try in companies which generally recruit chemical engineers. Chemical engineers are generally in pursuit of petroleum industries and pharmaceutical industries.
    Piping designers shouldn't be restricted to oil alone.
    But the probability of getting a job is as less as 1 in 20. So I'd suggest you to either pursue to higher studies or do MBA. Keep writing the competitive exams. They might fetch you a public sector job.

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  • I think you should look for both govt and private sector jobs. Find out available set of the jobs in the govt sector. Also you have to look for the private sector jobs which you're eligible for. If you are searching for the jobs in either of them. You have to make sure not to waste time in between. And pick any random job that comes.

    This helps with both finances and keeping you busy. If you get jobs in the relevant sector of your degree but on slightly different path than you expected, even then take it. When it comes to engineering if you don't get the job through placement rounds. It's reasonable to settle for any job where they are selecting you and hiring you immediately.

    That being said, you should also find out the amount of the govt jobs that you're eligible for. And then get yourself into the jobs. Govt job is definitely the stable job that you can get into. Do the post-graduation if you get the time. that also helps for the higher job opportunities.

  • You are an engineering graduate and there are many career options for you. Many PSUs like BHEL, ONGC, IOC, Coal India, GAIL etc recruit engineers for its many streams. Generally there will be an entrance examination followed by interview. There is a lot of rush for such entrance tests but if you work hard and prepare well you may get success.
    One thing do not be bogged down by thinking that you can only do the work of a mechanical engineer who has done some specialization in pipe analysis and things like that. There are varied types of jobs in the organizations and your education will only be used there for your logical thinking and quality of attending to those different types of jobs.
    Even after doing a mechanical degree one can work in stores as an purchase officer floating tenders and finalizing them with the help of a team comprising a person from indenter ( from where the requirement comes) department and one from the finance. So be prepared to do any type of job and do not be surprised if you are posted in an audit or ISO or vigilance section.
    Another opportunity for you is join any company for any job and do not bother for remuneration and just focus on gathering experience which is the biggest thing in the industry today. Once you get a particular experience you can apply at various places where such experience counts.
    Do not waste your time in searching a first class job as that will be like day dreaming in today's environment. At the same time if you feel that your academic strength is very good prepare for the top most services of our country that is prepare for IAS etc. We have to see our strengths and accordingly decide our goals and objectives.

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  • After doing engineering in mechanical, there are many areas where one can try to make his career.

    One can try in private companies and join even a small job there and try to learn the work and in that process gain experience. In private enterprise many times experience counts more than qualifications.

    No job is big or no job is small. One should not be apprehended for these things and rather concentrate for learning the traits as far as possible.

    You can also consider for appearing in some competitive exams through which you can get appointment in Govt sector. However you should note that there is very cut throat competition in that as the number of applicants is very high there.

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  • Basically, you are a Mechanical Engineer. Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen subject. Always there is a minimum job guarantee. Don't worry about your piping course. Please give more emphasis to your core subject. Make your resume by giving more details about your project work in your degree course and try for a job with that resume. Don't wait for a big job from a multinational company. Try in some small and medium scale industries and join in a job. The experience counts more than your no activity time. Put up some experience. That will give additional weight to your candidature. While working keep trying in big companies. Keep your CV active on job portals like
    There will be many small mechanical engineering companies in almost all cities and they may pay less but jobs are available.

    always confident

  • You have passed in 2016. So not everything is lost now. You cannot feel that the doors are closed.
    What you have to do is to keep yourself open and flexible for the time being. Apply and get a job in any organisation where you can apply your mechanical engineering knowledge. However not be left unemployed get into some reasonable job where graduation is the eligibility.That will keep you engaged and keep your confidence level.
    Without losing time, join some suitable certification courses that will enhance your job opportunities and/or add to your employ ability in the piping category also.

    Vacancies in infrastructure engineering companies do not arise in mass numbers. Moreover they are announced and advertised following procedures. So the frequency may be far and few. Wait and apply for any opportunity that comes. GATE will help in this regard.

    Do not worry about the global trends or macro environment in this regard.

    Visit regularly the web sites of organisations in the related industry of broader and sub categories. Read or subscribe to the journals of the relevant industry- example /The tube and pipe journal' etc. You may get relevant information from them. Join some organisationof Engineers in the local area. Make contacts. These will benefit you to keep updated on various matters .

  • I also feel that B.E Mechanical Engineering is enough to apply for the job in a private or Government organization. You can find suitable jobs in any relevant sector ignoring Piping course time being. You can also find your suitable vacancy from this site's Jobs section, so, try to browse each job links over there, where you can find the latest and fresh jobs for B.E Mechanical Engineering.

    By the way, don't worry about the Petrol or Oil issue at present or in the future. These are just assumption due to various changes around. Whatever changes come in the present or future but still Oil needed for even energy, electric and related equipment, logistics and productions etc. That demand will also increase in a different way.

    Regarding Pipe, yes, less number of opportunities though the course might help you at any time in the future to either get the related jobs or opening a small firm by yourself.

  • As I read query you're a BE graduate. I think you can search for other company's other than the oil Industries. Because MNC company have N number of vacancy for BE graduates. It may differ from what you have learned but you can be employed for time being. Once you're an employed in one company then you can hunt for a better job which you prefer. As you have mentioned and know that oil and gas sector is going to be replaced as renewable sources. Then it's better you get prepared for the other line where there is more demand. Always join for the vacancy which is available, then go in for the one which you prefer. Because you will have work experience in different places and even about different sectors. The more experience you have will be better for your future. You can try out any MNC company which have called for interview.

  • You have to be a little bit far sighted with respect to your career. You have rightly indicated the future scenario of oil and gas companies but still there will be business of these companies.
    I would suggest you to persue GATE and in that way, you will be having two folds gain- firstly a good score will open your avenue for M.Tech and secondly, you may get additional two increments in case you are selected for graduate - engineer trainee scheme of any public undertaking. In the event of your selection in any public undertaking, you can persue later M. Tech with the sponsorship of the company. In that way, you can utilise your idle time. You can persue your M.Tech straight way in the wake of non placement in any company.
    We are not aware of the future trend of job generation but there s always scope of improvement of our own assignments.
    Lastly, it would not be a bad idea to persue for IAS if you have a assign for it.

  • You have the following alternatives:-

    (a) If you are not getting good jobs because of current market slowdown, join any small scale industry and start earning. You should wait for better opportunities. At the time of interview, your present job experience will help you.
    (b) You may appear in GATE and go for higher studies or PSU jobs. During the present days, you may prepare for GATE seriously.
    (c) Go for MBA from a good b-school. This degree from a good institute will enhance your employability to a large extent.

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