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    Career in house planning and building design field

    Aspiring to take up a career in house planning and building design field? Looking out for guidance to start AUTOCAD training? Here, on this page find advice from experts.

    I have completed my MCA and from last 6 years I am working in software industry. Now I want learn AUTOCAD and settle as a house and building designer. Can you suggest if I am eligible to take the training of AUTOCAD? Is it possible to settle in this field after completion of AUTOCAD training? I want to open a planning and designing office and then I will start work.
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  • You can learn AUTOCAD. AUTOCAD may not help you in designing a house and building. That requires additional features like concepts in building designing. For that what I suggest you is, complete your AUTOCAD training in any Institute and learn the basics. Then you join in an Architecture company as an assistant to the Architect in that firm. Learn from him the basics in that field and learn how to design a building. Also, study some Vaastu literature and get some expertise in that science also. In India, many people will believe in this Vaastu. So while designing these concepts are also very important. Once you acquire some knowledge in these issues you can start planning your own office.

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  • Thanks for your response,I think your points are helpful to me.First I will complete the AutoCAD course then I will try to find the architec company.thanks for giving valuable information.

  • AS you have done your Masters in computer science, it will be easier for you to learn applications like AUTOCAD. That is one part. More than that you may have to go for a short course in Architect and Design engineering specially for housing sector.

    You can even try to do these short courses online also. It is better to have the basic knowledge of the area of construction industry. After that you can have a full fledged agency for starting this job for your clients.

    If you want to know more about these short courses please visit some of the sites as follows -

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  • With MCA under you, it would be easy to learn AUTOCAD, it is also important to know your aptitude, do you want to stay with you plan of opening up an office of yourself. It would mean long term commitment and resources for the same as you be like a start up company. I would suggest you arrange a chance to spend some time with big architect consultancy and firms that design houses, where in you would get valuable sight and an opportunity to observe how it works, it would be good.

    Depending on the region where you stay, you can check on the internet and see you if can get a placement as a student or observer.Some of the websites that encourage freshers are,,, you can approach them with your personal request.

    If you have some funds see if attending architecture seminars would help you. It would give you a good chance to meet many people in a short period of time and plan your future.
    FOAID- Festival of Architecture & Interior Designing - Mumbai (Dec 1-2,2017)
    361 Degree The Design Conference,Mumbai(16017 Feb 2018). Focused on urban building designing.
    If your budget is limited, at least approach local architects to get an idea about the chances of having a good career with AUTOCAD ( instead of your own firm you may better off to be part of a the designing team of a reputed firm before you break off to go solo).

  • Thanks for your valuable info, after completion of autocad training,I will join in some architec company for training purpose for 3 or 4 months,after this is it possible to open new office and do the work.

  • From software area you want to switch to building construction and housing. This seems to be a bold step but it can be achieved with determination and hard work. If it is your aptitude then it will be still easier for you to pursue it.

    Regarding AUTOCAD and other similar programs you can learn them either yourself or through some computer institute. You will have to learn the civil engineering specially the construction of buildings and related things.

    Once these things are over you can start your new endeavour.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • I am thankful to you.I know sir,this is bold step,but I believe I will do hard work.please let me know where to go for civil engineering course, are there any institute in Hyderabad providing special course for this civil engineering or that will be included in autocad for civil engineers.please help me in this.

  • As your a student of MCA and working in software company it won't be difficult to learn AUTOCAD because basic you will have already learned now. It's not a bad idea to study some new thing but to build your career in that may be difficult. It's better you consult some designer of that profession and find out the possible chances that you can go through because just learning is easy but taking it up as your profession and opening an office needs a lot of experience or experienced person must be a partner with you. I suggest you join and learn AUTOCAD. After that it's better you work under some experienced builders to gain knowledge and later on, you can set up your business. But above all that till you set up your office with full confidence doesn't leave your present job. You can take it up as part-time. That may be standby to your earning. All the Best.

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