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    Which pay grant can I claim and what is the scope of filing case in CAT

    Have a query about transfers in a central government job? Searching for the rules and regulations for TA claim and filing a case in CAT? On this page, find responses from experts to your questions.

    I am a Central Govt. employee. I worked as a stenographer on date 1.1.2016 in GP 2400/-. I was promoted as Inspector on date 28.11.2016 in GP 4600/- fixed on 44900/-.
    My transfer is dated 26.04.2017.
    In transfer TA bill which pay grant should I claim?
    And in this case that 1.1.2016 pay grant given to me, is there any scope of filing a case in CAT?
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  • You became Inspector on 28.11.16 and your transfer order is dated 26.04.17 so logically and as per the usual Govt procedure you are entitled for TA/ DA as per your Inspector grade. There should not be any doubt or confusion in that regard.

    If your office has granted you TA/ DA as per old grade please immediately submit an application along with the Fresh TA/ DA bill as per Inspector grade and ask for release of payment of remaining amount. You mention there that some amount as per old grade has already been released and that is to be adjusted in this bill.

    If your application is rejected or kept pending for more than a month you can approach CAT (THE CENTRAL ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNAL) and submit your complaint asking for redressal. Generally they will sort out your query within 6 months and direct your office to do the remedial course of action. If you want to know more about CAT and its procedures visit

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  • 1. Have you implemented the transfer order and submitted the bill within the prescribed time-limit? From the question, I am having a doubt.

    2. Under normal circumstances, you are eligible to get transfer allowance at rate applicable on the basis of basic pay and pay scale/pay grade of yourself on the day of carrying out the order. It is well-known and there should not be any case of confusion. The Government officials are also aware of this.

    3. Is it possible that your transfer order was issued before your promotion and you carried out the order after promotion? In that case, this particular problem can arise.

    4. Before going to CAT, please submit a detailed representation with all supporting documents and wait for the reply for at least 15 days. But if the situation is as I mentioned in Para 3 above, you won't get any relief from CAT, because you yourself delayed implementation of transfer order.

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  • From your query it is not understood that when you have already joined in the post of Inspector then how can they give you the allowances applicable to earlier designation. It appears confusing and full of ambiguity on their side if they are resorting to such mistakes intentionally or unknowingly.
    Please have a dialogue with your finance controller and administrative section about this error which might have crept in your case inadvertently. If they tell that it is as per rule and there is no mistake on their part then only you should resort to extreme cases of complaining to CAT.

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