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    Regarding OBC certificate

    Interested in knowing the property rules pertaining to the OBC category? Searching for details about converting general to OBC category if family is from the OBC category? You can get advice on how to proceed here.

    I have a doubt regarding generating caste certificate.
    Actually we have a land in the name of my mother mentioned as OBC which has been purchased after marriage of my mother. My grandfather also belongs to OBC.

    Unfortunately the land is in the name of my father where it is mentioned as general category. Can I obtain OBC certificate on the land which is in the name of my mother.
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  • Your caste is decided basing on the caste of your father but not on your motherscaste. If you take caste certificate by showing yourmother's Caste, later on you will be in problems, if anybody complains. So don't do that. I know a person who belongs to other castes. But some how he managed to take BC certificate and obtained a job under quota. Later on another person complained and enquiry conducted and his certificate got cancelled and removed from the job. Please don't do such activities

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  • In Kerala, Hindus in certain area/caste take the caste of the mother rather than the father. But normally in India, the assumption is children will fall into father's caste. However there is no rule like that, a court will consider the surrounding and situations if it becomes an issue. The court is getting involved in cases where children are given the caste of the lower caste parent so that they get reservation and benefits.

    Which caste do you belong to? You have mentioned the caste of your parents but not yours, As per your school and other records, which is your caste?

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  • Generally the children acquire the caste status of the father. However, if any child applies for adopting mother's caste, then only the Court decides the same considering the upbringing and surroundings of the applicant. There is no doubt that such instances are very rare.

    To obtain OBC certificate after adopting your mother's caste, you have to contact a good lawyer and apply before local Court.

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