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    What can I do after diploma in computer science

    Confused about career path after Diploma? Searching for guidance about whether to give AMIE exam? Here, on this page find guidance from experts to all your queries.

    I have completed Diploma in computer Science this year. After that I went for AMIE, but now I feel that it was a huge mistake. Now I don't have time to study.
    According to my plan, I was to complete AMIE in four sems and then opt for MTech in regular course.
    What can I do now?
    I am completely confused about my academics. I have already wasted 2 years of my career. After 12th I pursued Diploma so I am already behind the lines. What will be the best option for me?
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  • Why can't you try for a job with the existing qualification. There are some firms in India offering posts to Diploma in Computer science. There are many manufacturing and mechanical companies where in many computers are being used in their organisation. Those companies will have an expert in computer science to look after the problems within their establishment. They appoint diploma holders. Once you join there work for 2 or 3 years and simultaneously complete your AMIE. Then you can go to a software company for a better job. You can go for your M.Tech also. AMIE is not so easy to complete in two years. Please try the way I have mentioned. The other way is to join in BCA as you have completed 12th. The first option is the best option.

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  • You need to change your outlook so that by maintaining positivity you can take concrete step for the betterment of your career.
    IT firms have changed their earlier recruitment policy by accommodating Diploma - holders and Science - graduates apart from graduate - engineers to be recruited at the entry level and by doing so these firms can save substantially by way of wage being paid to their employees without compromising the quality of the jobs. So it would be better for you to update your knowledge how they are recruiting to the promising aspirants.
    Once you join an IT firm, you can go in for AMIE cirricula in your spare time. You need to prepare instalment wise. What I mean to say the papers can be cleared part wise and ultimately you will gain this qualification with a respectable scoring. In the mean while, you have accumulated relevant work experience. These two aspects would constitute a path of growth in your service - career. Hope, you would undertake similar line for your advancement.

  • You don't need to worry and be sad that you wasted two years. As you have a diploma in hand, you can try for a job now itself. There are IT companies which recruit diploma holders. As you are a fresher look for a decent job without going behind high ambitions. As you start working, you not only gain experience but will learn many new things. Remember to take up the job only in the IT sector, doing a job that is not related to your studies is not going to help you. As you learn more about IT from your job, studies will become easier to you as you already have the practical knowledge. Meanwhile, try to complete your AMIE as it is an added qualification and will help you to grow in your career life.

    As you are in the IT field, you will be aware of the various certifications. Try to take up those courses as having certifications is an advantage for IT job hunters. You can also take certifications once you start to work. It will help you to learn more, to get promotions and also when you are looking for another job. Knowledge is never too much, so think positive and have that spirit in you to learn more. At the same time get a job so that you won't feel depressed of wasting your years and you will get experience while you learn and will get more practical knowledge of things.

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  • A Diploma-holder in Computer Science can work in Armed Forces, IT companies, Telecommunication firms and in Software Development firms. He can also teach (part-time/full-time) in computer training institutes. So, don't get disheartened, there are ample opportunities.

    You may go through the following article (in ISC) for details of career opportunities for Diploma-holders in Computer Science:-

    Career after Diploma in Computer Science Engineering

    Best of luck!

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  • Hi,
    Your concern is very much obvious as there is a lot of competition in the field of computer science, so merely holding a Diploma degree will not going to help you out for long.
    I would suggest you to go try for B.E. or B.Tech in Computer Science. As you are a Diploma holder in the same field, any college allows direct admission in 2nd year for Diploma holders. This way, you will save your one year.
    If this does not work, then also I will suggest you go for structural qualification as 1-2 years investment to have a good career for the whole life is not a bad idea at all. After completion of B.E or B.Tech from a good engineering college in India, you will be able to get good jobs.
    Once you start working, you can even go for M.E or M.Tech in the same or similar field to have better opportunities.


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