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    Preservative for half cooked chapathi

    Interested in selling half cooked chapatis? Wondering how to increase shelf life of the product? Here, on this page find advice from experts and decide how to succeed in your business.

    Recently I started an instant chapati unit. But the chapati life time was not long. Can you suggest what preservative should I use to succeed in my business?
    Some others companies are having longer life time of up to 10 days at room temperature.
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  • You want to sell half cooked chapatis and you want to add some preservative to extend the life. The Food Safety and Standard (FSS) Act permits only the use of sorbic acid as a preservative in ready-to-cook chapatis. The chapatis must be stored in refrigerated condition under four degrees centigrade to have a shelf life of 15 days. It is better if you keep the chapati wrapped individually. Some people use baking soda but it may not give any storage extension. Only Sorbic acid is permitted.

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  • Thanks sir I will try

  • Dear sir .
    Dr .N.V srinivasarao sir
    sorbic acid dosage how much for 1kg atta ?

  • As your query is answered to be sorbic acid, I thought of giving you an approximate quantity.
    But before that, you can use the same preserving methods used for bread instead. Usually, if required for three or four days, a plastic bag is wrapped around bread, and is stored in a cool area. Or in freezer. It can later be thawed by a microwave oven.
    Generally half-cooked foods are dangerous to be preserved.
    You can use both sorbic and ascorbic acids to preserve chapatis. Ascorbic acid is Vitamin C. So you can crush any vitamin C tablet and apply it on the food to preserve. If you find that hard, dip the chapati in honey. Honey never goes waste. Then wrap the chapati in a paper and store in a cold place.

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