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    Difference in father's name in study certificates and Aadhar and PAN card

    Worried about name mismatch in academic certificates and other identity documents? Looking out for advice to resolve this issue? You can go through the responses from experts on this page and decide whether to you need an affidavit or not.

    My Father name in my Aadhar and PAN Cards does not tally with that in my educational certificates(10th ,11th, 12th, Graduation).
    Now I have document verification for a central government job. What should I do? Can I make an affidavit
    stating that both names are of the same person? Is there any such process?
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  • You have to get the name corrected. For this please approach any good lawyer in your area. He will make the affidavit, the way in which it has to be made. Then you have to sign this document in presence of the Judge of the court in your area. Then they will certify the affidavit. How to make the document will be known to the lawyer. Hence you try through the lawyer.

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  • Yes, you have to sign an affidavit before a First-class Magistrate of your locality. The suitable language will be drafted by the typist himself. You have to check the spelling mentioned in the affidavit very carefully. Moreover, you have to publish classified advertisement in an English newspaper and in a vernacular newspaper.

    You have to preserve the original affidavit and original advertisements permanently.

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  • It depends on how much time you have at hand. If you are short of time, then approach the lawyer and get the affidavit done and keep all documents safely to be shown as the explanation for the difference in name spellings.

    If you time around 30-40 days, then you can apply for name correction of Aadhaar card and Pan card.

    Aadhaar card name spelling correction can be done
    a.via post, or
    c. by going to the nearest permanent enrolment centre close to you (
    If you are doing it online, keep the relevant self-attested copies of proof of identity and proof of address scanned for uploading.
    If you are doing it by post
    download the correction form ( and send it by registered post to any of the regional offices closer to you. (

    For PAN card changes also can be done online on the income tax-NSDL government website( Here step by step instructions are given how to do it ( Please read this carefully once and then you can do it online.

    Now corrections are being done by agents online for a charge of Rs 1000-2000,
    Example: Pancard ( Please be careful with online transactions for these.

  • You have to get the name corrected in your school and graduation certificate but that will be cumbersome to get them corrected at three places ie. 10th, 11th and graduation.

    In such cases the legal affidavit comes for the rescue. You have to get it prepared by a lawyer who will draft the legal language for you and this is to be signed by you in presence of a first class Magistrate who will countersign it. You have to give the full details in the affidavit regarding your father's name mismatch and which is the correct name and which is the incorrect name inadvertently crept in your educational certificates.

    This will help the verification authorities to understand the affidavit clearly.

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  • If this error was known to you earlier during your education you could have get it rectified by the education board and could get the corrected certicertificates.
    Now the only recourse available is the legal affidavit for which you have to approach a lawyer who can prepare a detailed affidavit on stamp paper and get it certified by a first class magistrate. Please give the supporting documents to the lawyer for attaching with the affidavit.
    Affidavits are prepared by lawyers for various purposes and are a very common thing and you need not to worry about it.

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