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    ECNR passport documentation problem

    Have a query about ECNR status in passport? Looking out for reasons about why the certificates were rejected? On this Ask Expert page check out responses from experts and resolve yuor worries about rejection.

    I have a passport with ECR status but now I want an ECNR passport and I applied for that but officers rejected my school certificates and stamped cancelled on my passport saying that your certificates are fake.
    What should I do now???
    Can I give my ITR as ECNR documents?
    If yes, than also I have some issues
    My pan card and my ITR is in my first name only but my all other documents are in my full name first name and last name.
    Can you suggest me some other way by which I can get ECNR status in my passport?
    I am really confused that what should I do now?
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  • ECNR stamp will be given on the existing passport itself if you go and submit your educational qualification. You have to submit the required application. Why they have rejected your application. How they have decided that your certificate is fake. Is there a problem with your certificates. Are the name passport and your educational qualifications not matching? In such case, you better approach the competent person who is having good experience in these matters. You can also apply for a new passport with your correct details and certificates as already they have cancelled your passport. But use the services of a consultant who is very familiar with the documentation.

    always confident

  • You now have a passport stamped as cancelled because your school certificates are fake. Please clarify whether only the ECNR is cancelled or the entire passport is cancelled ( this is a major issue).

    Please approach the nearest passport office for help and visit the office you have applied or try the passport seva kendra near you ( book an appointment for clarifications.
    If you know a good reputed passport servicing agent please approach them and clarify your situation.

    To the best of my knowledge, the main issue is your education certificates? are fake? If they are fake, then we cannot discuss it further.
    You need calrify that first honestly. If your certifcates are true, then find out why they have been stated as fake. If its legal and original but only error in name, then you get them formally re-issued via the school authorities and the loca l magistrate.
    Then correct you PAN card and ITR to the full name and then re-submit your documents once more for the ECNR status.
    The list of criteria about who is eligible for ECNR stamp canbe found in (

  • For persons having qualifications below a specified level emigration clearance is required. They will get an entry ECR in their passport. For others who are having educational qualifications above or equal to that level it is not required and in their passport it is mentioned by ECNR.

    This is basically to arrest or regulate the movement of labour class or lowly qualified people from our country to outside.

    If you have understood this thing then you can now approach the passport office and produce your true credentials to them and they will accordingly tackle your case.

    Do not hide anything as they are very experienced and issuing a high number of passports to the eligible people after checking their documents.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Thanks a lot

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