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    Regarding job after 2 years gap

    Want to again take up a job after a gap? Searching for best courses and guidance from experts? You can go through the advice provided by experts on this page and decide a plan of action to take up a job.

    I have completed my PGDM in HR in year 2014 then I worked as recruiter for 1.5 years.
    But due to some family issue I have to quit and stay back at my home. Now there is a long gap in my career. I got married this year and am searching for a job but not getting any. Can you suggest what to do? I don't have any IT recruitment experience. But as I am in Bangalore, mostly companies look for IT experienced people. Can you suggest some course which can help me?
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  • You need not worry about IT experience. Your core field is HR. So there are many industries and Organisations in Bangalore who will have a separate HR department. With your past experience, you can apply for that posts. Make you Cv active on Please start going through the newspapers so that if any vacancies are advertised you can apply for that. There are many consulting firms who will be referring people to various organisations. They appoint HR executives. You can try in those firms also.

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  • Your first aim should be to get into the HR stream soon as you've had a long gap.
    HR job profile has changed a lot, most of it has become online and the basic documentation and paperwork is done by many graduates while the HR seniors supervise them. Re-shuffling, centralization and cost-effective plans have made this sector difficult in the IT industry. Many good openings will ask for experience.
    Refine your resume and then enroll into Linkedln where in its easy to pick up contacts, reference and job offers without needing to spend too much of your time.

    Please checkout these websites too and keep a good CV ready to be uploaded with some references.,-Karnataka › Jobs by Location › Jobs in Bangalore › HR Jobs in Bangalore › Job Search › Jobs in Bangalore website on HR alone)
    Also, be on the look out for HR jobs fairs and walk in interviews that are advertised on popular job websites.

    If your are unsuccessful,then try for an HR job in the healthcare sector and the hospitality sector where the turnover of staff is high. Once you are in a job, then you can slowly work your way back into the field of your choice. Be prepared to move out of Bangalore also to smaller cities or towns where branches of many companies are located. Best of luck

  • Instead of remaining in dilemma, you must make practical strategy to get a job in the HR field. Not necessarily, you should look fr the IT firms, there are other promising industries where there is tremendous scope for your absorption. What is needed at this juncture is to make an attractive resume indicating your full details of experience and the strength you possess in your field. Call - centres and other major industries such as SAIL, ONGC, BCCL, DVC and NTPC are the major recruiters for HR personnel apart from IT industries.
    The best way would be to get registered in and side by side, you should make an attempt to go through the leading News- papers such as Times of India, Hindustan Times etc to find out suitable jobs in your domain.
    You may also find some consultants connecting you to major employers and availing such oppurtunities are always benificial. In the meanwhile, develop your skill to impress the interview with your relevant answers.

  • You have already taken PGDM course in HR which is very helpful. There are plenty of opportunities for Core HR. Don't rely only on IT companies alone. You can find more opportunities for HR in manufacturing companies. First thing you have to do is connect to linkedin if you have not yet connected. The latest trend of finding jobs is through linkedin and all the companies now prefer linkedin compared to naukri,monster,timesjobs ets. Get connected to HR from different companies, Upload your resume and fill the necessary details in impressive way as you do in other job portals. Opportunities come your way. Also register in job portals like naukri, monster, timesjobs etc. All the best.

  • With a PG diploma in management in HR stream, you have good chances of getting a job. Only thing required is a bit patience and some home work.

    First and foremost is - be in touch with newspapers and job portals and sort out the jobs relevant to you. After that apply there by sending a resume online. This will be time taking exercise but this is the only way to achieve your objective.

    Do not bother for remuneration at this stage and just get a place like the lowest step on a ladder and with efforts and hard work there will be ample opportunities to switch the job or climb the ladder.

    Please remember that in private sector what matters is skills and efficiency. If you are thinking for Govt or public sector jobs then you will have to appear for various exams after ascertaining your age eligibility. In any case hard work is the key to progress ahead.

    If you are not in touch with professional life for some time it does not mean that your knowledge is rusted. In fact you should be performing in interviews better then earlier as per your experience of recruiting people. One thing I will advise you please keep in touch with your subjects very vigorously as your interview performance will depend on that to a great extent.

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  • It is not advisable to shift your career from H.R to I.T job. Be focus on your H.R. domain and update your skill-set. You can do Post Graduate to update your skills. Also search for jobs in and around through local employment news papers.

    Also register your profile in various job portals available nowadays. Mention properly about your educational qualification, experience and skill-set. You have to update it regularly and then only it will be visible for employer.

    Do not lose your hope and also do not make a gap of being idle. Start doing some course to bridge the gap. Sure you will get a good career growth.

  • Hi,
    First of all I want to congratulate you for your decision. Many girls gives up once they married, but you are not like them.
    Your main concern is the 2 years gap in your carrier, which I think is not so thing to be worried. As you do not have year gap in your educational carrier, it will not create such problem.
    For the later part of your question you must enroll in some popular job sites like naukri, monster etc and upload your resume in the site. Go for offline interviews for getting new jobs. Do not shift in IT recruitment as you do not have experience in that field.
    There are so many companies which has separate HR department or non IT companies have vacancies for the candidates like you. So, go for them and best of luck.

  • I personally feel that you have to enlarge your job search. It is very true that Bangalore-based companies desire IT experience. Why don't you try to find jobs in other cities in Karnataka?

    You can also try to enter teaching profession in your field, i.e., HR, temporarily. Check it with your institute from where you completed your PG Diploma, or your former teachers. Even PG Diploma holders are allowed to teach in some private institutions.

    You can also try your luck with the organisation where you last worked.

    You can register with various websites like Timesjob, Naukri, Monster, etc. and wait for interview calls. In the meantime, you can hone your IT skills by joining some short-term courses.

    Don't get disheartened. You will definitely get some break. Have patience.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • You are not obsolete because the gap is only about less than 3 years. But by this time you would have gained some experience which only age and life can give. There are not much drastic changes or obsolesce and updating in your subject field in these two or tree years. So it will be still possible for you to join and perform well in the same field.

    Spread your area of search. You may also enrol yourself in some reputed recruitment agency or web site of job recruiters. There you can give your broad requirements and suitability. You may try with some private limited companies or relatively new organisations. Once you join them you can get more experience and then specialise as per needs. Now also you may join some short term courses connected with IT and which will have relevance in your field of experience and study. That will aid your getting a job.
    Initially do not l restrict your chances of getting job by limiting your area to just few posts. Attempt for any general post

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