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    How to file a consumer complaint online?

    Are you facing a consumer issue problem from any finance company? Searching for how and where to file a complaint? Check out responses from experts on this page and understand how to file a case.

    I want to file a case against Bajaj Finance as they are cheating me and charging without my knowledge and not as per the terms conditions.
    Also after sending them mail they are not replying.
    Can any one help me about how to file a consumer case against them?
    I am from Bhubaneswar. Is there any online portal for complaining against them? Or else which court I need to visit for complaining against Bajaj Finance?
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  • Govt of India is having a well developed system for consumer affairs and redressal of consumer grievances. You can lodge a complaint online or you can visit a consumer court and physically submit your application.

    There are different levels of consumer courts depending on the value of compensation sought. The lowest level is district level consumer court, next is state level and highest is national level which is in New Delhi.

    If you are interested in lodging a complaint online then go to the site and first register there and then lodge your complaint as per the format. If you are not well versed with online portals take help of some person there. Please give all the details of your case and do not hide any fact and figure. Scan the copies of related documents and attach them electronically there. You will get a case number or complaint number which you note down. After that you can monitor the status of the case by giving that number in that portal (

    If you are not comfortable with online take the help of a lawyer and lodge a case in consumer court and attend the hearings or authorize your lawyer to do so.

    Please remember there are a large number of cases lodged in consumer courts and the opposite party ( in your case Bajaj Finance) will make all sort of excuses and resort to common tricks of delaying and lingering the case. So do not expect the results soon. In your application you clearly mention your loses and inconveniences and mention the compensation amount very clearly. It should not be illogically high also.

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  • Most finance companies will have a rosy sales 'sell' pitch and a below average after sales support. Before filing the case please check the fine print clauses, especially the hidden charges.Sometime you would have received an email about an update, the last line you be something like, if you have any queries please contact us soon. This means, a change would have been sneaked in and you not contacting would imply that you have accepted it.

    Whatever the agents have promised you doesn't hold water. In such issues, if it's NOT documented, it did not happen. Bearing this in mind please go about the following.
    Get all your documents, email printouts in chronological order.
    Phone calls made related to your issue from the time you noted it till now
    Names and designations whom you have approached would be useful.
    Screenshots of the dates and number of calls from your mobile to the helpline, messages sent and replies received from the time you were approached for the loan/service till now.

    My suggestions would be
    read through the documents and try to understand the charges, if you have taken it in person, please contact them or walk into the office demanding an explanation, at least they would want to avoid bad publicity.
    If you have taken it online, the usual route is the grievance redressal path which will have a time-bound escalation matrix. This is better than the consumer forums, to begin with. 3 working days for the first contact from the company. 1 month is the turn around time
    3.If you are not happy you can contact Department of Non-Banking Supervision, RBI.
    for instance, Mumbai office is
    Reserve Bank of India,
    Regional Office, DNBS, fourth floor, opp. Mumbai Central Station,
    Byculla, Mumbai – 400 008
    AGAIN, please have copies and proof of everything you submit, everything you sign and everything you receive.

    While you are in the process, you can think about sharing your views and issues on common non-legal but high traffic forums
    1.consumer complaints platform for Indian consumer complaint forum ( currently there are numerous(thousands) of complaints reported till date.
    2. You can read through the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission ( There are district consumer forums, State commission and the final National commission that you can check and approach the appropriate one.
    The key here is that you have to draft the events in such a way that the authorities can establish a 'CAUSE OF ACTION.'
    3. If there are many people like you ( working men, housewives, working mothers) who feel they have been misled or duped, then use the media (paper, local TV channel, FM radio stations) specifically at regular intervals until you get some response from the company.

    Good Luck.

  • You can complain to consumer court either on line or normally.
    1. If you want to lodge a complaint please visit the site This site will give you all the details regarding the procedure to lodge a complaint.
    2. If you personally want to file a case in person, please get in touch with a good known lawyer and explain him the entire case with all details. He will make the petition and file the case in the consumer court.
    But my feeling is give a final try before filing the case by contacting consumer complaint section of Bajpai Finance and explain the problem and ask for redressel.

    always confident

  • Whenever you feel that as a consumer you are cheated, you can approach the consumer court for getting the issue resolved by the decision of the court in the matter. If you win the case the opposite party will have to pay the compensation as decided by the court.
    You must submit the proper documents or evidences in support of your complaint so that court can reach to a logical conclusion.
    The complaint can be lodged online or by physically submitting it in the court. As there are large number of cases going on in the court it usually takes time and sometimes the process takes a long time even in years.
    One thing which is important to note is even if the court gives a verdict in your favour the opposite party can approach the higher court to contest it. The district consumer court is the basic court where one has to lodge a complaint. Next is state level and highest is national level.

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  • Government of India, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, runs a portal: You can register your complaint against any organisation by registering yourself. You can upload any evidence (receipt/e-mail sent, e-mail received, etc.) available with you. You will get a number and you can check the status of the complaint. This is the best way of registering complaint against any organisation in India.

    For financial transaction,, you can also register your complaint at run by Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI) following the aforestated procedure.

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