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    Spelling mistake in Intermediate marksheet

    Worried about a spelling mistake in marksheet? Looking out for a solution to resolve your worries? Here, on this page check out advice from experts.

    In my high school marksheet my name is right but in Intermediate marksheet there is a small mistake in my name.
    Will I face problem in IAS and PCS exam?? I am worried that it will create problem in my civil services exam. Can you advice on what to do?
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  • From your question it is not clear when you passed your intermediate exam. If it is recent times please ask your board with an application to change it and issue the corrected mark sheet.
    It will take some time for them to issue it to you.
    Another option is go for a legal affidavit which can be prepared by the lawyer and endorsed and certified by a first class magistrate.

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  • The anamoly noticed by you has to be corrected. You have not mentioned the year of passing of your intermediate examination and if this is the recent one, it would better to write an application, the same being forwarded by the principal of your school with a request to correct the name in the marks - sheet. The principal may put his comment indicating the correct name as mentioned in the admission - register. In that way, the problem can be addressed, though it may take some time.
    The other option lies in approaching a lawyer of a civil court and affidavit is to be made and the same is be certified by the first class magistrate. This should be circulated in leading daily news paper including the local one.

  • If there is a difference in your name you have to get it corrected. Otherwise, it will create some problems in future. You make a written application mentioning the mistake in the name and requesting them for the correction. Please attach the original mark's list and a certified copy of your SSC certificate. Approach the college in which you studied your intermediate and hand over your request there. They will forward it to the Board and get the correction done.
    Get it done at the earliest. This is the best option for the correction.

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  • You are planning for civil services exam and career, your name is correct in high school but incorrect in intermediate marks sheet.
    Please contact the intermediate board under which your certificate was issued. Submit certified copies of your SSLC and or TC copies which should have your correct name and the board will issue a new certificate.
    The other option is to get an affidavit sworn before a notary or certified by a first class magistrate and publish in local and national newspaper and preserve all these with you for future use/reference.
    Please also check your name in Aadhar card and other ID documents for accurary.

  • If your name is mentioned differently in different certificates, you will definitely face problem not only in every competitive examination, but also at the time of registration of properties and in many other aspects. So, it is necessary to get the mistake rectified as soon as possible.

    If you have passed the Intermediate examination recently, you can apply to the Board to rectify the mistake. The Board will make necessary rectification for candidates who have passed the examination during the last 1-2 years.

    Otherwise, you have to sign a suitably-worded affidavit before a First-class Magistrate of your city stating your correct name and mentioning the wrong names indicated in your Board certificates. You have to publish similarly-worded advertisements in one English and in one vernacular language. You have to permanently preserve original affidavit and original advertisement.

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