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    Query about job after husband died while in service

    Confused whether wife or son should take up a job of a person dies while in government service? Searching for knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both options? Check out this page for expert responses and understand which is the best decision.

    My husband was a Kerala state government employee working in ICDS as office attendant . He expired on October 12 2017. He was 45.
    I am his wife and of the same age. Being a graduate should I take his job or should my son who is 15 now take the job? Can you suggest by giving advantages and disadvantages of both options?
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  • Since your son is of 15 years of age, he could study further in his interested field and he may not be of intending the government job etc., So, it is better to take up the job by yourself by properly approaching the concerned officer of the department where your husband worked with necessary documents of your husband. It is better to have the job by yourself with that earning you can make your son to study as per his interest, your mind may be of free from some local thoughts.

  • If there is a provision for compassionate appointment , then I suggest you apply for a suitable job according to your qualifications.In case they say that such job vacancy is not available now and you are offered some other job, then you may accept it as sometimes things get inordinately delayed, But when you are inside it will be easier to push for your matter.

    It is suggested that you take up the job, as your son is a minor and he is studying and he will have better chances with better education. Moreover you may be able to get some benefits or provide by yourself better for his education etc if you are in govt service.

  • I have read the question minutely. Obviously you are in a dilemma. If you accept compassionate appointment yourself, then you will be able to work for only 15 years, so you will not be able to eligible for pension (minimum eligibility for pension is 20 years).
    On the other hand, your son is 15 years of age. So, if he takes compassionate appointment, he will have to do Boy's Service till he attains 18 years of age. Boy's Service is not pensionable. His pensionable service would start only when he attains 18 years of age.
    I don't know whether you are getting family pension after the demise of your husband, or not. If you are getting family pension, I would advise you to accept the compassionate appointment for yourself. In that case, even after your own retirement, you will continue to get family pension. If you are not getting family pension, you have no other alternative except accepting compassionate appointment for your son. In that case, you have to guide him in future to continue his studies at least upto Graduation, and then to apply for better job.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

  • I feel it is better to ask your son about his opinion on his future. He may like to go for higher studies and wanted to have a better profession. So, first of all, ask his opinion. As your husband expired the Government might have started paying you the pension . That will continue for your lifetime. As such you need not worry about pension after your retirement. If your son wants to go for higher studies you take the compassionate appointment. You can work for 15 years o more if by that time if the retirement age is enhanced. If your son is not interested in higher studies and wants to join in this job you can better opt for him. However, your pension will be coming to you normally. This may be the best course of action, I think.

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  • Sorry for the loss of your husband. For compassionate appointment either you or your son can be given once the criteria are met.But the first right is yours and then goes to your son.Usually, the lower age limit is not relaxed,
    You can also claim pension, death gratuity, leave to be encashed etc which takes about 3 months time.
    You should consider taking up the job because you are the first legal heir in line, let your son complete his studies and then you can support his education and his future job.
    With due respect to your son, we do not how he is going to change once he grows up, it would be better for you to join on compassionate grounds, run the family and have a source of income for yourself and your son. Anyway he's young, with the right education and support he should be able to get a job. I think you can carry over the appointment on compassionate grounds request to the next year too, if you want some time to decide.

  • I am sorry to have noted the demise of your husband and it is you who have to take initiative for the smooth maintainance of your family. Both of you are entitled to secure the job on compassionate ground but prior to this, there are a few points which need due consideration. To begin with, let me talk first about your tender aged son who is hardly fifteen years of age at present. In case, he is allowed for this job at this stage, you are depriving your son of the essential education and any breach of the same can hardly be compensated in future. Even you will not remain satisfied mentally for such kind of act. So being a sensible mother you duty is to allow your son for the continuance of studies so that he ultimately grows to a responsible man in his later part of life.
    In connection with your acceptance for the job of your demised husband, you will be able to support your family smoothly and most importantly, you can nurture your child by imparting right education and not putting your child unnecessary strain which he might feel in the wake of his joining in the job. So you need to understand your priority. Moreover, since you are 45 years of age and still you can serve for fifteen years in the government service, you will be enjoying a respectable pension after your retirement. So your joining would be a wise decision.

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