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    Need suggestions regarding changes to DOB

    Are you aspiring to study abroad? Have a query about change or discrepancy in DOB? On this Ask Expert page you can read the responses and get resolution to your queries.

    My daughter's DOB as per municipality certificate is 9 July 2000 . In her class 10 certificate it is mentioned as 8 July 2000. Confusion was due to her birth time on the night between 8 and 9 July.
    Her passport has been put on hold for this discrepancy. can you suggest what can be done to do the correction?
    So that she doesn't face any issues at the time of visa as she plans to study abroad after her class 12. She is going to appear for her class 12 exams in March 2018.
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  • You can apply for correction to Board through your school. Please make a written application about the difference in date of birth in your 10th certificate. You can attach a copy of your municipal date of birth certificate and you can forward through your school headmaster. You may have to pay the prescribed fees as advised by the Headmaster of the school. It may take 2 or 3 weeks for the correction. You may have to submit a passport size photo also for the new certificate.
    Another option is to approach the Municipal authorities and explain them the problem and get a new date of birth certificate from them. The second option is the fastest way. Select the option which suits you better.

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  • The certificate by municipality is dated 9th July 2000. It means she was born after 12 'o' clock in the night of 8th.

    If it is so, stick to it now and give an application in high school board office for change of date in the certificate and issue the corrected one. It takes time but they will do it.

    On the contrary if she was born before 12 in the night of 8th then go for change in the municipilaty certificate from 9th to 8th and in that case the high school certificate is OK as it is.

    In any case one of the certificate requires correction in respect of date.

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  • The anamoly can be sorted out with a fresh application to the board indicating the details of the exact date of birth of your daughter and the same has to be endorsed by the Principal of school. Contact the Board regarding any specific charge to be made on this account. Complete all such formalities and you you may get the corrected certificate in respect of her date of birth.
    The other way would be to make an affidavit by your lawyer and the same has to be endorsed by the first class magistrate. Get the same published in the advertisement section of different news papers including the local ones. In that way, this problem can be addressed within a short interval of time.

  • When the birth certificate is available, that would be taken as more reliable than the school-leaving certificate. So, you have to immediately apply to change the date of birth in the school-leaving certificate. Only after completion of of the procedure, you have to apply for new passport for your daughter afresh. Otherwise, the passport of your daughter will be put on hold till the discrepancy is corrected.

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  • First, please decide what is her actual date of before midnight would be 8th July 2000, after midnight would be 9th July 2000.
    Based on this you need to either correct the Municipality certificate (if the actual date is 8th July 2000) or correct the 10th Board certificate ) if the actual date is 9th July 2000).
    Then please check the Aadhaar Card date for accuracy also.

    The 10th board will correct after you get a letter from the school where she studied.If you need to go to the municpal authorities, then take the hospital certificates related to the admission and documentation at the time of her birth (discharge summary and bills) and submit an application for the change of date.

    My suggestion is if she is planning to go to the US or other countries for further studies, please do everything carefully. Please check the name, spelling, initial expansion everything so that, there are no issues. Get an affidavit, if needed and keep all the documents uniform and then apply for the passport so that there would not be any issues for visa and scholarship applications in the further.

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