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    Regarding cancellation of SBI Unnati credit card

    Have a query about credit card cancellation? Looking out for the most effective method and procedure to carry out this cancellation? Here, on this Ask Expert page go through the answers from experts and decide further course of action.

    I had received my SBI Unnati Credit Card on 16.9 17. But after receiving this card, when I read its literature thoroughly I noticed that so many charges they would deduct from my A/c which won't be beneficial for me.

    Then I approached the branch for card cancellation. On 4.10.17 the card was given for cancellation and the concerned person told that the cancellation was given for processing. On 17.10.17 I was informed by SBI that after cancellation some statement will be issued as a proof of cancellation and an SMS will also be sent to my registered mobile no to this effect. On 21.10.17 I was informed by the SBI that the card had been cancelled. If I don't receive any statement or SMS to this effect within 1.11.17, then I should inform the branch.. But neither any statement came nor any SMS sent to my registered mobile no. As such I informed the concerned person of SBI.

    But he, I think, intentionally did not receive my phone call and cut off the line. That means, I don't have any proof with me that the card has been cancelled. What should I do?

    (1) Should I submit a written application with the branch with a receiving copy? And also submit the same to its controlling branch?
    (2) Should I go to consumer court for undue harassment regarding a credit card cancellation?
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  • You need not worry much about this. Already you have submitted the card to the bank. On 21.10.17 they informed you that the card is cancelled. Did they inform you orally or any SMS was sent? When you have submitted the card did you take any acknowledgement from them? You should have taken an acknowledgement from them. If you have not taken, better once go personally to the office where you have submitted your card and take an acknowledgement from them. That will act as a proof. When you go there make a new application in which you mention the whole issue clearly and take the acknowledgement on that. Then it will be with you as a proof and they will also expesite the process.

    always confident

  • Since, you personally submitted the card at SBI for cancellation, you need not worry. Sometimes it happens that you may not get any SMS after the submission of the credit card.
    In this connection, it would be a safe step to submit a written application to the SBI officials indicating your submission of the credit card and your request to cancel the same. You may retain the receiving copy and such step will protect you from unnecessary harassment.

  • many cards are forced upon us in shopping malls, officials who do not tell us the entire truth. People end up paying many hidden charges. Unnati card is for people who do not have a great credit history. Any verbal promises or words exchanged at the branch will not be proof of you cancelling the card. You are still waiting for the card cancellation letter to come to you. Often branches distance themselves from helping with cards unless you know the staff very well. If you feel your calls are ignored purposefully, all the more reason that the people wouldn't be helpful.

    You can do few things.

    1.send an sms to 5676791 from your register mobile and check for duplicate statement DSTMTXXXXMM where in XXXX is the last four digits of your card and MM is the month in numericals or try available credit and cash limit AVAILXXXX, if you get a reply, then chances are that your card is still active.

    2.There are dedicated walk in desk centers that you can reach if its near by to you and give a formal letter and find about details, card active? cancellation date? status? any charges still applicable to you.

    3. You can specifically write to
    Manager- Customer Services
    SBI Cards & Payment Services Pvt.Ltd.
    DLF Infinity Towers, Tower C, 12th Floor, Block 2, Building 3, DLF Cyber City,
    Gurgaon -122002(Haryana) India.
    Send it by registered mail

    4.You can call them and state your question spefically and remeber to ask for the Interaction ID number when you speak to person
    Ask for a sms or mail to be sent to you.
    Dial 1860 180 1290, 39 02 02 02(Prefix local the STD code)
    or 1800 180 1290 (toll free) 8 AM - 8 PM from Monday to Saturday
    5.You can email them after registering

    Have you tried going to the branch with some friends who are knowledgeable and clarify on your concerns directly with the manager and be persistent until you get your answers. Bank staff sometimes are more helpful when you in a group of 2-3 individual who are polite but assertively make their presence felt. If sorted out, please get it in writing or an email.

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