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    How to set the alarm timer in a phone and a laptop?

    Interested in setting an alarm timer on laptop and phone? Looking out for a detailed procedure for setting the timer? Here, on this page find responses from experts for all your queries.

    Due to a frozen shoulder problem, I would like to ensure that I get up from my chair and get away from the laptop every 30 minutes to prevent stiffness in my arm & stretch it from time to time. Hence, I want to set the alarm on my phone & laptop so as to make it ding every thirty minutes. I have not been able to locate any alarm setting on my Dell laptop. On my Redmi smartphone I found the alarm, but am clueless about how to go about timing it for every half an hour, if at all this is possible. Please provide requisite guidance for both the devices.
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  • There are few applications which you can use on Windows laptop.

    1. SnapTimer : This application can popup timer and show you the time to take the break. It's free and also very easy to use. In fact you can easily learn it without any helpfile.

    2. Cooktimer: Same as snaptimer but adds few extra options which you can explore if need be. It's also free and easy to learn to use.

    As for Redmi phones timer, here's how you can use.

    1. Open Clock application from tools folder.
    2. Tap on timer tab at the top.
    3. Look at the timer options at the bottom.
    4. Check for add timer option.
    5. Select 30 minutes option.
    6. And set it the moment you start working.

    You have to reset the next time you start working again on laptop. Hope this helps. And take care of your health.

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