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    Space in name in tenth certificate

    Have a query about correction of name in marksheet? Looking out for whether this will create any issue in document verification or passport application? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the responses from experts and resolve your worries.

    My tenth certificate has a space in between in my name as but not in other documents (such as birth certificate,XII, degree certificates).
    So if I am called for document verification for any government jobs or if I am applying for passport, will I face any problem?
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  • You have to apply for correction. This is the important document for your name and date of birth. This process is to be done by the board of Secondary Education. Your application should go to them through the school where you have studied. You have to give an application in writing in your school with a copy of your birth certificate and original 10th certificate and fees to be paid in the form of DD. You submit this in the school. The in charge of the school will send it to board with his comments and signature. They will get the duplicate certificate in which they mention the name correctly and forward it to the school. You can receive from the school. Another option is to submit an affidavit in the court and get it approved by the court. For this, you have to get in touch with a good lawyer in your area. He will get the needful done.

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  • Even a space within a name requires a correction. Actually it should have been done at the time when this certificate was received.

    Anyway you can still try and apply to your board office. It will take some time but they will issue you the corrected certificate. It is necessary to avoid future hassles anytime for document verification.

    Another option is go for a legal affidavit and get it prepared by the lawyer and also get it verified by a first class Magistrate. The lawyer will prepare the affidavit giving all the details along with copies of your supporting documents.

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  • The trend and actual happening nowadays is more dependence on machines and almost involvement of human reason, logic or explanation. So even your name has to be 'optimised' to the understanding and acceptance of machines(means computer software). In such a situation the verification, comparison are arbitrary and like a printer proofreading . Every space, comma, dot all matter. If there is some difference in the homogeneity in any one of the submitted documents they are likely to be summarily rejected leading us to unimaginable problems.

    So now itself please get the discrepancy or errors corrected.

    For example If name Hariharan is written a document as Hari Haran (or Hari haran), then the whole meaning gets changed. You will in real soup when you may have to visit or join some organisation abroad especially in countries like US.
    (Probably inside this country for some more time ,the officials if having discretion, may accept if all other documents support correct name But don't take risk, as trying correction later may be lead you over hell)

    It will be rather easy to get it corrected now itself.

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