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    Connectivity issues with my BSNL Wi Max connection

    Having a problem with BSNL wimax connection? Wondering how to resolve the issue? You can read the suggestions provided by experts on this page and understand how to get internet connectivity.

    For last one week, I am facing connectivity problem with my Wi Max internet connection. Though I promptly complained to BSNL, the issue remains unsolved till now.

    I have now found that I am able to connect at around midnight and also able to get it very early morning. Today morning by 4.30 am when I had to get up for some other purpose, I just tried out of curiosity, and I could get connectivity. I could do some online payment and could update my internet security program. But by about 8 a.m, the connectivity has come down to nil.

    I had made online complaint, they came checked my instruments and equipment and said that they are okay. They asked me to change the cable and try again. I did so, but no use.
    Now I am sitting after sending email to various levels. Last when I talked to them they said ' looking into it'.Today is holiday and tomorrow is Sunday. I am totally exasperated and helpless.
    For example if I try to connect to ISC newposts page, after a long wait the index page comes. But if I try to navigate from there, it fails. (Due to this problem l since yesterday, I am carrying out my urgent and essential jobs on net by connecting to mobile data.)

    Can experienced members tell what could be the problem? How could it be rectified?
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  • The service after sales of BSNL is very bad. I think it is better you change your internet provider. From last 7 years, I am using ACT wifi and I never faced any problem. If they anticipate any breakdown they will inform us in advance by SMS. They will rectify the complaint within 24 hours. Very fewer problems with connection and speed are also good. Sometime back I used BSNL also in addition to ACT. But that is very slow. Downtime is more and service is very poor. Hence I discontinued that line.

    always confident

  • 1. You can send an e-mail to the service provider, i.e. BSNL asking the company to rectify the problem. You must also state that if the problem is not rectified within 48 hours, you would file complaint to Consumer Forum. Save the copy of e-mail.
    2. If the problem is not rectified, file an online complaint going to the follwoing website:
    While filing complaint, send a screen-shot of the earlier e-mail sent to BSNL.
    3. If the problem is not rectified, change the service provider, but pursue your complaint against BSNL.

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  • Wimax claims to be a unique service with a wide ranger of connectivity, indoor, and outdoor even for rural areas within 15 kms form the BTS site. But Sir, I think you can switch your connection as many people are facing such issues. Is it because of seasonal bad weather like in Chennai now. If not i found the follow escalation matrix for BSNL.
    1. Telephone: For CDMA & WiMAX Services:1502 or 1800-180-1502
    2.E mail: CMD BSNL by e-mail at
    3. The you can try contacting the
    Details of Public Grievance Appellate Authority (Telecom Circle wise). you can get the details from
    Next would be an
    4. Appeal to appellate authority for redressal of consumer grievances.
    5. If sitll no answer, you can contact the five Public Grievance Officers in Delhi via email
    the phone and fax numbers are also listed.
    6.If no answers go then you can try clicking the CPGRAMS icon via the bsnl website, it takes you to the centralized public grievance redress and monitoring system.
    Hope you get it sorted out soon.

  • Thank you all for the suggestions.
    The problem is rectified by BSNL yesterday afternoon. I wanted to be sure that it is really okay. Till now it is okay and hence I m posting this.

    Before posting this question, I had followed a proper sequential procedure sand escalation. I am narrating it here for the information and possible benefit of others.
    1.First I called the local exchange on phone and told the concerned technical official.
    2. Then I called the online customer care call centre number :Services:1502 or 1800-180-1502. I insisted to register a complaint and got the token number for that.
    3. Next day I again called local exchange and told that the problem still remains.
    4. In the evening I sent an online complaint through the BSNL portal.
    5. Next morning, an official from the district office called me and ascertained the problem. She said they have already instructed the local exchange to do needful.
    5. I again reminded the local exchange. The person said that they could not find any issue from there. He came to my place. But he could not get access. So he took the modem and asked me to bring the equipment also to exchange so that he can test and do some solution immediately. He told me that he could not find any problem with the modem or outdoor equipment. But suggested me to buy new cable. As there was a harta on that day,, I could do that only next day.Even after that no change.
    6. It was then that I sent email to higher levels There was intervening holidays.
    7.Next working day I contacted local exchange and district office also. It was then told that the problem is there for some others also and a technical expert is being sent from district office to rectify.
    8. At last that afternoon the local exchange person called me and told me to keep connected as they are working on that. After sometime it became okay and I told them that.

    Thus after about almost a week the problem got solved. The reaction and response of the personnel with whom I dealt was polite, decent and sympathetic.

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