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    Vitamin D drops and other medication

    Have a query about medication given to a newly born baby for cold and cough? Searching for medical advice on the web? Here, on this page you can get ample valuable advice from experts for your queries.

    My baby is 25 days old. From last 5 days she is suffering from cold and cough. Doctor suggested ambroxol hydrochloride drops. Already she is taking vitamin D drop 3D Forte.
    Can I continue this drops along with the cold medicine? Is there any side effect by taking this both together?
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  • No there will not be any side effect. Vitamin D drops are general tonic and that can be used by anyone. So you can continue this medicine also along with the medicine prescribed by the Doctor. Still, if you have a doubt you can ask the doctor who prescribed the medicine to your child.

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  • You can continue both the medicines. In fact, Vitamin - D is known as Sun - vitamin helping your child to boost immunity and this vitamin would assist for stronger bone formation apart from better Calcium - assimilation. The doctor would put your child under Vitamin -D dosage for a specified period. In no way, it would interfere with the cough and cold medication. In case of any suspicion, you may approach the concerned Physcian in order to alleviate your confusion.

  • These two medicines can be taken to gather.

    Vitamin D is basically for compensating for its deficiency in the kids and helps in making their bones stronger.

    Ambroxol hydrochloride drops is a medicine which is given orally to kids for thinning of the sputum so that it comes out easily while coughing and does not stick to the throat. Basically it decreases the viscosity of the sputum so that it can flow outwards easily.

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  • As the child is under the care of a qualified doctor, you need not worry if both the items are prescribed by the same doctor. However, if the second one is prescribed by a new doctor, you should apprise him of the fact of taking Vitamin drops as per the previous doctor's suggestion. There are certain cases when generally harmless and non-interfering vitamins also interfere with some medicines. So it is always a must that whenever you meet a doctor, you should apprise him of all the medicines being taken by the patient general and also for that specific illness if any.
    It is also better to ask for any regulation o avoidance of any other medicine or food in case you find a not-so-common medicine prescribed to you. Doctors in their crowded busy schedule and routine prescription can forget to tell you same. It happened to us when our son was small. It was only when I specifically asked, the doctor got alerted and told me such and such should be avoided. There was one medicine the child was taking and it was not to be taken with the new medicine prescribed. The doctor said sorry and appreciated me for asking a very relevant question. From then on I made it a habit to ask doctors detail, even when it may some elementary to them sometimes.
    So your question is not wrong, but in future get it cleared then and there with the doctor himself.

  • Vitamin D is a supplement for kids for strengthening bones and stature while Ambroxol Hydrochloride drop is given for cough release.
    These two are different medicines and may not interfere but in case of any doubt it is better to clarify from the doctor.

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  • Vitamin D drops is given to every baby and there is no harm at all in giving those drops to baby along with any other medications. Infact, it is recommended that vitamin D drops should be given until your baby turns 1 year of age without missing even a single day. Vitamin D drops helps retains iron and calcium in the body and also since babies do not get enough calcium and are not exposed to sunlight it is recommended.
    Since your baby has cold and cough, you can apply kiddo run on your baby's chest and it will give a soothing effect to baby.

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