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    How to manage time for CS with a 9 hours of job

    Planning to do company Secretary course along with a job? Looking out for guidance about how to manage both? You can read the suggestions and guidance provided on this page and understand how to balance among both and whether to appear for one or two groups at a time.

    I am currently working in a BPO industry and willing to do a professional course.

    The timings are shift wise but apart from that I am willing to do Company Secretary course. Could you advise about how can I manage my time with job? And whether should I appear for 1 or 2 groups at a time?
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  • It is not difficult to manage time. Your job time is 9 hours. Still, you have 15 hours in a day. Take out another 6 hours for your sleep and 6 hours for other activities. After all that you have 3 hours time per day. If you reduce the time for other activities you will get more time for studies. You are in shifts. So based on your working hours plan daily 3 hours study either early morning or early night. What I mean is either 4 AM to &7 AM or 7 PM to 10 PM. Then you can plan your CS also by partwise. There are Institutes offering the course coaching wherein you can select the timing as per your convenience. Another option is to go for online coaching also.

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  • We don't know your education status and family status/responsibilities are.Assuming that you have a graudate degree you would be exempted from the foundation programme. The CS course will have an excetuve programme and Professional programme.
    The executive programme has 7 papers grouped into two modules
    Executive program
    Module I
    Company Law
    Cost and Management Accounting
    Economic and Commercial Laws
    Tax Laws and Practice
    Module II
    Company Accounts and Auditing Practices
    Capital Markets and Securities Laws
    Industrial, Labour and General Laws

    The Professional programme has 8 papers grouped 4 modules

    You would be doing the course in the online model, After passing the executive programme, would have around 9 months time to appear for the professional programme. It takes around 3 years for an graduate to complete the CS course with one year of Internship.

    There are many online coaching and weekend coaching centers for the CS. Also there are many free sites that give you condensed material and free test papers, you can certainly make use of this to get a rough idea of how much time you would realistically need to complete each paper, each module and the course on the whole, then it would give you an idea to chart out the study timings. Please make a plan, if you have the motivation and desire to complete it you can certainly do it.

    Good that you work in a BPO company and we know the hours required at work ie 9 hours. plan your day based on the module and papers you have started. Set upto time to read before you leave the job( for night shifts) and after you return for day shifts. You have few days of intensive studies in between. On an average plan to study at least 5-6 hours a day. Plan to sacrifice 2 weekends a month for extra coaching or preparation. In addition plan to study on one Saturday or a Sunday that you are free ( out of the 4 every month).
    Try for 2-3 months and then assess your performance and increase the study hours based on your pracitcal ability to achieve your target.

  • You told that you are in BPO and it is a shift base job. So, first go for a routine based study to read your papers daily. And for CS you know that a regular study is needed as it has a vast syllabus.
    You have a job timing of 9 hours and you have rest of the times in a 24 hour day. So, use the rest time wisely for your study. If you have a night shift on a particular day, you study either in morning or in noon. If you have a morning shift then choose evening study. Use your time properly and you can study at least 3-5 hours a day. So, time management is needed which is possible.

  • Those who want to do Company Secretary course after class 12 have to do three courses - foundation, executive and professional while those who are graduate have to do only two - foundation and executive.

    This is a long program almost taking about 3 years time and more if you can not complete the papers in time.

    For this a long time strategy is to be worked out based on the family responsibilities and other commitments. A strict routine of early getting up in the morning is to be resorted and study hours are to be given priority over personal and routine works. A minimum of 3-4 hours of study will be required. If financial condition is comfortable even hiring of domestic servant will be a good proposition.

    Upgrading ones educational qualifications along with the job is always a challenging task but with sincere and consistent efforts one can achieve it.

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  • Perusal of CS course demands a lot of time and a sincere approach to your studies but once you make up your mind to acquire the same, you have won half of the battle.
    You have truely analysed your work and the resultant time approx 9 hours per day would be required for effective discharge of your duty.
    Now let us analyse the course module of your course. Supposing that you are a graduate in any stream, you are entitled to get exemption from the foundation - course. In that case, you need to clear executive and professional programme. However, it would be more advantageous on you part if you are graduate from a commerce side. Many of the modules relate to advanced accountancy, taxation - structure, cost - accounting , commercial laws etc.
    Now, let us calculate the time which you can conveniently employ for your study - purpose. If you deduct your hours of duty, rest time of night and for other activities including your bath - room, you can have 5 hours at a stretch for your study - assignment. This being a precious time, it has to be utilised judiciously. Get your self enrolled in a quality institute and follow rhe course material provided by them. Go through the question papers of last five years and such visualisation will make you familiar with the pattern of the tests. Moreover, your Institute would provide you innumerable tips to score better in the examination. Don't get panic, your consistent preparation and guidance of the Institute would pave the way for your success.

  • You have to see your potential to cope up for such challenge as CS course is a long one and will require a lot of studies also.
    Your house and family set up will also be a crucial factor in deciding this.
    It may be difficult but can be achieved with accommodating a few study hours in morning as well as in evening.
    Another option is to join some tutorials or coaching though that will be an additional financial burden.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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