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    Need advice for how to be a best seller

    Are you facing tough competition as a shop owner? searching for techniques to be the best seller in the area? On this page, you will get valuable advice from experts for all your queries.

    I have a cement and steel bar shop in my area and I want to be best seller in my area. Hence I would like to ask that what are the steps required for that? Can you guide?

    Note: I am a new shop owner opposite my two competitors in that area. Now how to achieve my business goal?
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  • First of all, you should get conversant with the builders available in that area. Personally, go and meet the builders in your area. If you have any contact who knows the builders well you go with him. Get introduced to them and tell them that the brands you get and ask them about their preferences. Offer them a very competitive price and atleast a little less than your competitor in that area is selling. Initially to make them your customers you can arrange delivery at their place and some credit period etc. You meet all the people in that area who are taking up the construction activity. You will also go to the construction sites and meet the Masons there and tell them about your shop and offer them so incentives if they arrange to buy from your shop. Similarly, you have to be in touch with rod benders in your area and centring works persons. They all will help you in getting customers. Make some pamphlets and ask the newspaper vendor to keep in all the papers that are being distributed. Friendship with builders and Masons will give you a good advantage.

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  • Congratulations on your new shop. If it's your own venture, then the sky is the limit. So the harder you try the better your business becomes.
    Most of the businesses run by networking and contacts. Selling is a wholesome package, the way you present, the way you highlight the qualities of your products, the cost, the ease and comfort of business and aftersales support. In your case it would mean your image as a seller, the product price ( most competitive), perks cash discounts, free transport, installments etc. Meet the building contractors and their procurement managers, often a small commission would be paid by some for choosing a particular seller. Try and see if you can meet the local builders association, have an office boy who would scout the local area and the surrounding for any individual constructions of homes starting or in progress, then you can meet the owner of the site and request him for some orders. If you can find a contact in the government offices that do infrastructure work, that would too boost your sales.
    You can advertise in the local papers and yellow pages. Think of registering yourself as a seller in or advertising in just dial and another similar search engines with the keywords of construction, cement, steel

  • The builders would definitely like to have quality cement and steel bar for their I going construction activities. Hence the foremost task before you would be to maintain the consistency of the quality of the products being produced. Keep a check of the quality control so that there would not be any room for complaint by the end users. Now examine the prices of the different brands of cement and steel - bar available in the market, you need to offer some discount initially to attract the promising customers.
    Now some aggressive steps are required to promote your product in your area and the same can be achieved by displaying advertisement in local papers highlighting the salient features of your products. You need to highlight different parameters of the cement such as its consistentcy, setting time and the chemical - composition of your cement and a R&D report requiring to have best quality of the product and for the steel bar, you need to mention tensile - strength and superior anti corrosive property of your products. Such aggressive advertisement will lure your customers. On price front, offer your product at 5percent less than the prevailing price.

  • First you need to understand marketing techniques to sell any product. Where there is requirement, there only you can sell your product. Since you are dealing with cement and steel bars, you have to get order from the customers or you have to get new customers from construction field.

    So, sitting in your shop will not work for your business.. You need to market your products. First create a database where you can sell your products by identifying the construction area and their companies in and around your area. Go and meet them with your product proposals and quotations. You have to convince them how your product is best when compared to your competitor with respect to quality. If quality is good, most of the companies will not negotiate. Even if you wish, you can reduce your profit percentage and can convince.

    There may be some companies who may not wish to give order. You should not lose your hope and you have to make continue follow-up. The best way to follow-up is to greet them during festivals by person and make them to remember you.

    So you have to follow them regularly and sure you will get order.

  • Any new shop in an area where already competitors are established is definitely a business challenge for its owner.

    The first and foremost thing is demand and supply and next important thing is your networking with the prospective bulk purchasers as well as individual purchasers. You must find out how much discount the other shopkeepers are giving so that you also sell at the same price. As your shop is new you can additionally give them some small gift pack or sweet pack as a gesture for their first visit to your shop. Do not lower your prices than others as it may lead to a price war which you will not be able to withstand for long.

    Business is always a risky proposition as it depends on various factors. So be careful and cordial while dealing with your customers. Your main concern is to attract some of the customers to your shop who were earlier going to your competitors. This may look easier but practically a difficult task as they have a rapport developed there and you have to start the new relationship.

    I am sure that with hard work and dedication and cordial relations with your customers you can achieve your goals.

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  • A business man need to win the trust at the first point to become successful. You should work hard to win the trust by providing good brand are good prices.
    You can lower your margin initially to make a space in market.
    If we talk stepwise process, the very first step is to make a list of prospects. Then contact them to discuss their needs and their price expectations. Check whether you can match their expectations or not. If not, rework your calculations and negotiate the price with your supplier.
    There are many tenders getting published in newspapers everyday. You may also try your luck in that if you have proper documents of your business like tax registration and shop establishment certificates.
    Good networking is always fruitful in businesses and you can start working for that. Meet people related to your sector like contractors, builders, hotels and restaurant owners. Directly or indirectly let them know about your business.


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  • Building and construction materials are always in demand in the market and from that point of view your selection of products for sale in your shop appears a good proposition.
    However please remember that establishing of a shop requires a lot of considerations in terms of its location and competetion in the locality between the shopkeepers.
    Once the customers start pouring in the shop, the sale will pick up automatically. Only thing is that in the beginning one has to be patient and very much attentive to the customers as they are the backbone of any business.
    As there are already two shops for the same items it may take some time to get a part of their share diverted to your shop.

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  • When it comes to selling things locally and that too offline. There are plenty of things to watch out.

    1. Network with the suppliers and the customers. Reach out to those people and tell them if they become regular customers they are going to get discounts. Yes, initially this has to be done.

    2. Reach out to new customers using online tools. Go for quickr and ODX listings too.

    3. Setup website and allow online orders. That also helps many type of the sellers lately.

    4. Attend new conference and seminars in your business. And meet new suppliers and customers.

    5. Find out customers through your competitors activity. And that also helps with the finding of the new sales.

    These are some of the action steps that you can take right now.

  • Keep a good rapport with the existing shops people. Do not start poaching on their clients, do not trample on their territory now.. Try to bring new clients by advertisement, word of mouth and through contacts. Cultivate relationship with construction contractors to start dealing with you.

    Do not try to cut throat competition. Give discounts as per the customer and value of purchase. Do not undercut nor use predatory tactics now. Do not speak bad to customers about the competitors. Let them have their business,you have your business.Have two types of products. Affordable price with reasonable quality and the premium quality. Be receptive and alert to customer suggestions and feedback. Try to get maximum discounts from your suppliers.

    Try exclusion. That is, store and deal on items that the nearby competitors do not have. Try to give some additional services that your competitors are not doing-like door delivery for purchase beyond a certain value, extra discount on repeat purchases, compliments and extra discount for other traders coming from nearby places. Join as a member in the trade body of similar traders. and be among them. Seek their guidance and support also.

    Practice proper accounting and record. Comply all statutory norms, licences and tax related matters. Cultivate customers ' confidence and loyalty. Do not be in a hurry. Be patient and persevering. It takes some time for establishing.
    Update your knowledge about the field and equip knowledge to an extent that you can impartially guide the customers who need it.

  • Every shop-owner asks the same question. My views are as under:-

    (i) You have to provide your customers something extra-something which the other two sellers don't offer. What can that be? You can provide free transport. You can provide the product at marginally less cost. You can provide some other benefits.
    (ii) You can provide better service. You can keep your shop open earlier and close later than your competitors.
    (iii) Develop a rapport with the end-users of your product (in this case, cement and steel bar).
    (iv) Participate in tendering process. If you get one or two good opportunity(-ies), you will develop goodwill which will help flourishing of the business,
    (v) Have patience. Patience with honesty will definitely make you successful.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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