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    How to fill gap after B.Tech to get into MNC?

    Aspiring to become a software developer? wondering how to get into a MNC after a gap since engineering? Here, read the advice from experts and plan how to get recruited by MNC.

    I am 2016 passed out. Soon after graduation I have undertaken 6 months of internship program with IBM as a Developer. After that I attended many interviews but was not hired. Still I didn't stop trying. I have 11 months of gap after my internship.
    Is it over for me?
    I want to become a software Developer.
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  • The present phase in the IT sector is under the recessionary trend and hence the IT companies operating in India are trying to cut the unwanted expenditure including the absorption of fresh man - power. However, this phase would not stay for long and the course undertaken by you would pay you dividend soon. You may try the following tips for the enhancement of your employeebility.
    1) Make an attractive resume incorporating all the relevant details such as your year of passing, the name of the institution from where you graduated in Engineering including your strength in the area of your specialisation. You may take the help of any consulting firm in this connection.
    2) Get yourself registered with any plateform offering you job such as
    3) You may approach the job - consultants operating in your city. They will help you in tracing out a suitable job and for this they may charge you some commission.
    4) Remain in touch with the leading Newspapers where you may find the classified job - advertisements and regular glossing over such advertisements will land you a job.
    5) You need to update your skill with your involvements in different IT related magazines and regular brushing up your IT cirriculam taught in graduate - level. In that way, you will be maintaining your competitive image.
    6) Be positive, this will help you in getting a job. You may improve your English - speaking skill, if deficient. This is essential so that you can represent the facts in a more confident way.

  • The gap you have mentioned is not so much so you need not worry yet. The hiring process in IT company has slowed down for sure. November and December are code freeze period so many companies don't recruit for the next two months, but don't give up yet, there are service based companies which hires resources for future projects in bulk. So you can send your resume directly to the companies website. They will call you interview, meanwhile, keep yourself upgraded with certification of latest technology if possible.

    1. Look out for startup companies in your locality, work is more but they will pay you well.
    2. Keep updating your resume in Naukri so that recruiters can get your profile while searching.
    3. Register in multiple job portals.
    4. Forward your resume to your seniors who are already working.
    5. Don't hesitate to ask the security guards for any walk-ins that are going on, be prepared to attend for an interview anytime.

  • You need not worry much about this gap. You just try to do some certificate courses in selected areas of interest to you in software science and Engineering. That will give you an added advantage to you for getting a job.
    These days the IT companies are trying to reduce the staff and officers to have a check on overheads because of the very tough competition. They are also not recruiting much additional staff. So it is appearing a little difficult to get employed. But my advise to you is not to wait for a job in an MNC. There may be many startup companies and small companies in many areas in our country. You please try in those companies where getting a job is a little easy. Of course, salary may be a little less. You make your resume very attractive by showcasing your skills and knowledge. You upload this resume in and go on referring the newspapers wherein a lot of advertisements are coming for different posts in various industries. You keep watching and apply for all the jobs. You can upload in times job portal also. You can try through known sources also. These steps will ensure you to get a job at the earliest.

    always confident

  • This is a temporary phase and not only in IT but in all the streams because of business conditions and evolving of new technologies such ups and downs happen. So do not be disheartened and keep your pace study.

    One important thing is to keep yourself abreast with the latest in your field of interest in computer area so that once an opportunity comes you should not cut a sorry figure there specially during interviews.

    Meanwhile you can join some small and medium enterprises where computer persons are required. In such places the remuneration may be less but learning opportunities and experience gained is tremendous. You can remain in such positions till you get a better position elsewhere.

    Do not think that you can do only computer related and that also developer oriented tasks. If the question of livelihood comes no job is inferior. So try to get your choice job but at the same time be prepared to do jobs which are outside your core competence.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Nothing is over yet for you, you've just passed out and have a 11 month gap after internship. Like many have suggested, it's a difficult phase for the IT industry and the job are not easy. Having said that companies are still hiring. Be motivated and have a positive outlook in your body language and your mannerisms when you interact with people. It matters a lot to present yourself as a confident person and not as a helpless fresher.

    1.I would suggest, just renew your contacts with the IBM where you did your internship.Request them for a placement once more for a second stint at Internship. Or try for another internship in a good firm. During this period, work on how to update and re-package your CV to current needs. Discuss with people under whom your internship is placed, once you interact and have a chance to express yourself, then you can follow it up regularly for looking into a good opening.
    2.The keep visiting the job portals like - One of the major players for entry level graduates. The have hirings form N 18th November onwards. Please register and check out your requirements
    3.Also as suggested upload your CV and details into and other sites with good traffic.
    4.If you are not on, please register and send friend invites to your seniors at work and friends.In that you can choose options for new jobs and the sites send regularly updates about new jobs in the area of your interest. Also, it keeps you name bouncing around in the circle of people who know the people you are working with/in software development. It will be a relevant circle and you could get lucky.
    5.Please look into updating your skills or enhancing your expertise by the online courses or weekend courses. Some of them claim to be free courses.
    6.Keep a look out for job fairs and recruitment drives that many companies advertise. › for Job fairs.

    Good luck with your career.

  • Hi,
    A lot of details are already provided. I would like to suggest-
    1. Do not extend your gap and keep doing something relevant in your field. It can be short term trainings, internships or courses. In such cases please do not consider stipend or salary as it is just for learning.
    In this way, you will add some experience in your profile and even get to learn new things.
    2. You can join some refreshment course in your field. There are many such registered institutions which are providing short term courses and even have Job guarantee after completion. In this case also, take any opportunity which comes your way and once you join, try for other companies.
    3. Lastly if nothing looks favorable, you can start teaching in private institutes and coaching classes. The payments are quite good in that sector now days.
    All the best!


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

  • At this stage please do not bother for gap and rather concentrate on your core area of software development and keep your studies continued in this area so that if opportunity comes you can take advantage of your knowledge.
    Though it is advisable to try for job where your aptitude lies but seeing the tight job position today one has to go for other jobs also. So be in touch with job portals and newspapers and apply where ever you see opportunity for your career.
    There are many computer coaching centres and commercial organizations where one can work for gaining experience though remuneration may not be high there. Anyway learning while earning should be the spirit behind joining such jobs.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Since you are a 2016 pass-out there is a lot of time for you. Also your resume will have a weightage as you will mention your internship details. Keep trying and you will definitely land up a job. As per the news I read recently, most of the IT companies have cut down the recruitment process for new comers and are utilising the existing resources efficiently. Also, companies are shifting from general technologies to the latest technologies and mostly automation. So, if companies are hiring they will look for the updated skills and knowledge. Hence, instead of wasting time try to upgrade your knowledge and skill simultaneously on any latest technology and include that skill in your resume. That way you will stand out in a crowd and get noticed soon.

  • The best way how you can justify the gap you have is by
    • Doing a certification in specific technology..
    • Request you to also apply in start up because here you get to take all responsibility and hence there is great learning.
    • If by chance you think that you do not have a knowledge of technology I would recommend you to take CDAC Exam where they have diploma courses in various fields and students even get campus placements from there.

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