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    Career after Master of Human Resource Development

    Confused about the scope of BA and PG HR? Searching for information about eligibility of this degree for taking up a teaching job? Here, on this page find information about the various career options after doing such this combination of UG and PG.

    I have completed my UG in BA( History, Economics, Political Science. Later I did PG in Master of Human Resource Development. As I wanted to go for teaching field I wrote UGC NET in HRM and cleared that. At present, I am pursuing Ph.D in the HR subject. I have degree as well. My questions are
    1. Am I eligible to teach in management colleges? Are there any UGC guidelines regarding that?
    2. Can I do a UG course on BBM now?
    3. To get a government(Karnataka) appointment as or MBA lecturer in colleges UG should be either BBM or B.Com. So where do my qualification fit into?
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  • You have finished you BA, Masters in HRM and now doing your PhD in HRM.Doing your UG in BBM amy not be a good option. Instead, give the following some thought.

    Completing your NET (national eligibility test) of UGC in HRM enables you to apply for professor or posts above that of lecturer in Indian universities and colleges. If you have your Ph.D. nearing completion then it would help you further along.

    The type of institutions that you can apply would broadly belong to
    A government, Private(aided and non-aidded) and universities. The job types that you can look for are HR training in recruitment schools,Behavioural training in schools with global exposure, On the job training consultant for many mid-level IT companies and if you are skilled in a particular aspect of techology related to HR hiring and management then you look for Technology related training in HR schools. As you are aware, HRM jobs go beyond IT, into the catering industry, healthcare, event management companies, textile industries and well known retail brands.

    List your special skill set in HR so far- for instance, negotiation skills, psychological skills, cross-cultural interaction exposure, motivation expert, Labour Relations, Compensation and Benefits, Labour Welfare, Social Security

    Based on your aptitude and your expectations you can think about

    1.HR advisor or Senior HR manager for NGOs
    2.HR consultant in consultancy firms
    3.Look into HR consultant for firms with Global presence and you would be involved in selecting and moduling candidates to the global needs.
    4.HR manager of a large firm or VP of HR in a small but growing company related to IT.

    If you've not yet tried these common blogs, you can exchange ideas in one of them
    Currently one job in Manipal Education group, they have colleges teaching HR also.

  • As already you are qualified in UGC Net and you are pursuing your PhD, you are eligible for a teaching post. BBM is not required. You can be a lecturer at any management college. Even in government colleges also you will get a lecturer post to teach for Human Resource Management course. After completing your PhD, you need not worry about BBM. Your qualification will fit in for teaching.

    always confident

  • 1. As you have qualified NET, you are eligible to teach in any college of the country. After completion of PhD, your candidature would be stronger.

    2. After completion of PhD in HR, BBM won't be necessary for lectureship. If you want , you can pursue MBA after completion of PhD.

    3. "To get a government(Karnataka) appointment as or MBA lecturer in colleges UG should be either BBM or B.Com.''-I strongly feel that your information is totally incorrect. For lectureship, Master degree is necessary-not Graduation degree. I reiterate that you are already eligible for lectureship in the field of Human Resource Management.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • As you have already done BA and then maters in human resource development then it is cleared that you have got the qualification up to masters level. Then you have cleared UGC NET and currently pursuing the Phd. in the relevant field, which enough qualification for teaching in the educational institutions specified by you. So, there is need not to worry.
    Then you asked to do BBM, which I think is need not to do. May be you got a completely wrong information. As because as you have done PG course in Human resource development , you got the qualification there. You are eligible to work as a professor or lecturer for HR subjects in any MBA colleges.
    Now a days the leading IT companies also recruiting personnel to teach their employees or you can say HR training purpose. They also offered a very lucrative salary too.

  • You need not require to persue BBM further since you have completed a post graduate degree on Human resources and you have cleared UGC NET. Moreover, you are currently engaged in your Ph.D course and so to have a BBM degree at this stage seems to be irrevalent.
    Your query regarding the appointment in Karnataka, they do have same parameters with regard to selection of Lecturership, ie you need to have a post graduation degree in the relevant field.
    The degree which you have acquired is of great importance in almost all the sectors. In the public - sectors, there are great demand and the vacancies could be gauged through the advertisements appearing in the leading newspapers. In the private - sectors such as automobiles, steel, IT industries - you may get a job through the consultants operating in major cities.

  • Hello everyone,

    Thank you for all the valuable suggestions given by you. It was really helpful for me. As I am interested in the teaching field I am in search of Assistant professor post. For the same, I know that Universities in India doesn't consider the UG. But in Karnataka State Government's degree colleges recently recruitment was held by KEA (Karnataka Examination Authority)for the assistant professor posts in colleges. I am attaching the notification of KEA regarding eligibility criteria for faculty, with this post, according to that, I am not eligible. So I lost an opportunity to get a government job. Even in discussions with the professors in universities, their suggestions was to try in Universities or private colleges for the lecturer post.

  • Yes, you are eligible to teach in colleges as a professor or lecturer. You don't need to do BBM. MHRD(Master in human resource development) assist this means by forming candidates to become problem solver and crucial minds who are suited of forwarding a large range of practice issues within the profession and public areas. You can also work for companies and in organisations as a E-learning specialist. The purpose of learning the MHRD is to precising the human and organisational achievement.

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