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    Railway maps of British East India company (History and current affairs )

    Have a query about the railway maps of the British East India company? Looking out for more details on the web? Here, on this page check out Expert responses and get answers to all your questions.

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    I am doing a paper work on Railway maps of British East India company. The Light Train was once up on a time connecting a villages in my native place Thisaiyanvilai to Tiruchendur (Tirunelveli district ) Tamilnadu.

    I also want to know about the name of person In-charge (British East India company).

    At present we don't even have a trace of the Railway route
    since it was used by British to take the goods.

    Can you provide me the book reference, to take the map details?
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  • "I also want to know about the name of person In-charge (British East India company)."-East India Company? The first passenger train in India ran between Bombay and Thane on 16 April 1853. After 1857, India was ruled directly by British Empire. So, there is no question of any person from British East India Company being the incharge of a particular branch railway.

    In West Bengal, there were various narrow gauge railway lines started by McLeod's Light Railways (MLR). In fact, I was posted in one such railway station in Amodpur-Katwa narrow gauge route. In South Kolkata where my family stays, there was a line called KF (Kalighat-Falta) Railway which started in 1917 and the operation was stopped in 1957.

    Similarly you may check the internet in respect of Thisaiyanvilai to Tiruchendur Railway line. You can also visit (History of Indian Railway) for detailed information about the particular branch line. You can also file a RTI to get the requisite information from Railway Board, New Delhi.

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  • The British East Indian Railway Company known as the East Indian d Railway(EIR), introduced railways to eastern and northern India, The company was established 1 June 1845 in London by a deed of settlement with a capital of £4,000,000.The first board of directors formed in 1845 comprised thirteen members and Rowland Macdonald Stephenson became the first managing director of the company. Mr.Rowland Macdonald Stephenson is the first in charge of this establishment. You can refer the following site for maps.

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  • 1. There is a mention of an Article published in Dinakaran by Mr.Edward Jeni (2013). This describes the olden railway line of Thirunelveli District.Due to the red sandy soil tract it was known as Therikkadu Railroad which was decomissioned around 60-65 years ago.

    2. This is a post from one Mr.Shankar SC from 17th July 2017, on the IR southern Zone disscussion site.You can thank him, if it's helps you. ( You can contact him via private message after you register in the website.
    This news requests, the State and Central Govt, Railway Ministry to revive the Thiruchendur (TCN) - Thisayanvilai Railway line, which was constructed by British.
    In railway documents, TCN to Thisayanvilai railway line was fully functional from the year 1914 to 1940 and both passenger and freight trains were under service. The freight trains were getting sugar (Raw sugar factory was at Kulasekaranpattinam).
    Two Railroads were constructed from Kulasekaranpattinam to Udankudi and TCN to Thisayanvilai.
    The following stations were functioning on this two feet railroad,
    1. Thisayanvilai
    2. Idaichivilai
    3. Thattarmadam
    4. Chokkan kudiyiruppu
    5. Padukkapathu
    6. Pichivilai
    7. Kulasekaranpattinam Central
    8. KPN Harbor
    9. KPN Factory
    10. Aalanthalai
    11. Udangudi
    There were a branch line from Kulasekaranpattinam to Udangudi via Kottangaadu.
    Four trains hauled by Steam engine were operated, on Fridays one more special service were also added.
    During this time, South Indian Railways (SIR) Operated trains from Tirunelveli to Thiruchendur.
    Tirunelveli district administration was trying to buy this railroad, somewhat, that did not happen.

    3. The other sites you can check out are listed below.

    a. This is the British Overseas Railway Historical Trust, that has a section on India.
    b. This has the general railway map from 1893
    c. site gives you the old railways maps and geography.
    d. History of Indian Railways: Constructed and In Progress (Government of India, Railway Department (Railway Board), New Delhi / Simla, Government of India Press). This gives details for railway lines,dates and engineering details until 1961, Then it changed to Annual Report and Accounts.
    e. You can also look up the periodical'The Indian and Eastern Engineer (1890s-10920s) and the India Railway Gazette (1910-1940s).
    f. You can contact The National Rail Muesum, Chanakyapuri,New-Delhi which also has the India Rail archives.
    National Rail Museum,
    Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110 021. India.
    Tel: +91 11-6881816, +91 11-6880939 Fax: +91 11-6880804

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