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    About the doubt on banana import

    Have a query about banana imports in India? Searching for details of this query? Here, on this page you can read the responses from experts and get information about whether India is importing bananas.

    I want to know about the banana:
    Is India importing banana from any country or not? If yes, can you also provide the details of the product?
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  • India is a big producer of banana and also an exporter of it. So I do not think that India is importing this item.
    As per data available in internet, India is producing about 30 million tons of banana every year. Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are the main producers.
    We are exporting only about 70000 tons of banana in a year. The export is mainly to gulf and western countries.
    China, Philippines, Brazil etc are other main exporters.

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  • India is one of the major producers of bananas. Various varieties of bananas are cultivated in India. It In not a seasonal fruit and you can get it all 365 days. The major portion of its production is consumed by Indians in India only. But there are some exports to the other country. There are no many imports of banana in the market. I searched the internet, there are a few imports of fresh banana from the Antarctica to our country.

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    India roughly produced 30% of the world's banana production but exports are around 1%. Hence there is potential to capture the market. Currently, few companies are doing it, IG international, Pick N Serve is one company based in Pune, Maharashtra are a couple

    If you are planning an export oriented startup, it is useful to remember the following
    1.there are many established countries exporting bananas, hence try to study the model used by Philipines and Brazil as they are supplying much larger volumes and a cost-effective price.
    2.focus should be on quality and by arranging farms for procuring good harvest regularly.
    3.Attention has to be paid to cold chain and post-harvest support right from the farm to the seller countries via the regular transit routes. excellent speedy supply chain has to be established and followed religiously so that minimum time is lost between harvest to the shelf.
    5.The supply chain includes harvest, modern packaging, inland transport, channeling into the port cities for loading into containers to the respective destinations.
    6.Some units have benefitted from packaging on site at the farm itself to reduced spoilage of this perishable goods. Some companies use ethylene absorbers to maintain quality

    7.Check on some suppliers listed here as to how they market and book orders
    8.Check on wesbite. This lists the Agricultural and processed food product exports from India and it is a government site/
    9.This pdf( file describes the packaging specifications for banana export from India.
    10.APEDA also provides assistance by having centers for perishable cargo and integrated post-harvest handling infrastructure.
    11.The government also provides financial and technical assistance to promote the export of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    12.Fresh banana exports from India has been 63,274 metric tonnes in 2014-15,95,222MT in 15-16 and 1,10,750 MT in 16-17 and it is a growing industry.
    13. Apart from Gulf countries, India also exports to UK and France.
    14. Focus on branded ones highlighting unique quality - type of banana, organic or sustainable frams and taste.

  • We are producing a large quantity of banana and we are at number one slot in the world though our exports are not much.

    Our annual production is to the tune of 30 million tons while exports are less then 1% of this production. There are many countries like Phillipines, Ecquador, Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil, Belgium, China etc who are doing good export of banana.

    We have sufficient production of banana and it is much more than our consumption.

    We are not importing banana.

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  • India is the top producer of banana. China and Philippines come second and third, respectively. So, there is no question of importing banana in India. Rather Indian producers must try to increase the export of banana.

    But I think that banana is easily perishable, so the export of banana from India is not very satisfactory (compared to its production). Even, transport of banana from one place to another place within India sometime causes the bananas to perish in case of any delay on the road.

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