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    Query about central transport subsidy scheme.

    Have a query about the central transport subsidy scheme? Looking out for advice to all your queries? Here, on this page find out all your want about this subsidy scheme in case you have invested your own assets and time for many years.

    Will it be appropriate to deduct certain percentage from the total amount if an NGO or any group that pursues the long withheld case of unsanctioned transport subsidy scheme; in which they have invested their own finance while commuting from their respective state to Delhi and other offices?
    This is regarding the allotment of central transport subsidy of 2007 batch of Nagaland. The govt. decided to impose non payment of CTS to the investors due to issue that arose in the year before(2006), wherein the previous disbursement of CTS was alleged to be mishandled by one deceased minister and his accomplices. It was also accused that some investors did not receive any amount. But it is also to be noted that the people still had invested under this scheme following subsequent years that followed. When the govt. however declared that it will stop disbursing allotment to the investors due to the previous year's and corruption issues in Nagaland, it was a failure on the part of the judgement of the govt. to vaguely sideline the investors who had already invested from 2007 and the years that followed, under the scheme.
    And as such, ANIEF (all Nagaland industrial entrepreneurs front) decided to pursue the case with the pragmatic movement of its Action Committee, and the previously imposed ban on allotment of subsidy was lifted. But the core of the issue is that, it took about three and half years (up till now), and finally the payment of 2007 batch is to be realized. Yet will there be any remuneration that could be allotted to the pursuers, who had invested their own assets and time over the long course of event, that could be deducted from the total amount?
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  • This is not possible to deduct officially from the amounts disbursed by the government. When the NGO started pursuing the case what is the understanding with the beneficiaries? If there is any agreement with the beneficiaries, then only you can receive the amount for your expenses from them. The beneficiaries have to pay that as a part of the agreement with the NGO. NGO will not have any right to deduct the amount from the sanctioned amount.

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  • It is also to be noted that without the intervention of the said NGO, based on 2006 incidence, the govt. had imposed ban on 2007 scheme, which means that without their interjection, the beneficiaries could never have come to this point of receiving their subsidy. Also, some of the prominent members of the said NGO are beneficiaries themselves, who decided to pursue the ban imposed on the payment, by investing their own money and time.

    So how could this be sidelined by the govt. considering that the immobile beneficiaries would not understand the grievances and toil, the pursuers had to undergo while fighting for the whole cause. The govt. should also be perceptive of the circumstances and respond accordingly the consequences. If not then what amount of justice will it be, if the investment of the pursuers and their hard work is completely ignored just because of our rigid constitutional ramification.

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