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    Ragarding Professional Engineering Licence

    Have a query about getting a professional engineering license? Want to know the application procedure, and details regarding how to improve the career options? You can read the responses and suggestions from experts here.

    I finished engineering( in 2014 and now I'm working in the teaching field with around 3 years experience. I want to know the procedure to apply for professional engineering license in Canada and USA. Can you provide all the details regarding the license? What can I do for that and to improve my career?
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  • If you are interested in getting a licence as a professional Engineer you should comply the following.
    1. You should complete a 4 years college course in Engineering from a recognised University.
    2. You have to work with a Professional Engineer for at least 4 years as an assistant to him.
    3. Then you have to pass two competency examinations conducted by state's licensure board. Once you successfully complete the examination you will earn the licence from the board.
    4.You should continuously maintain and further improve your skills throughout your career to retain the licence.
    5. It is a symbol of pride to have a licence as Professional Engineer. You will demand respect from your colleagues once you get this licence. If you are employed your employer will recognise this as your ability to take higher responsibility.
    6. It is a good credential to have this qualification.

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  • As is evident from your qualification, you are eligible for the license test t be conducted by State license Board. You need to clear the test in order to be a license engineer. But before you appear for this Examination, you have to follow the following parameters-
    1) You need to work under the guidance of an expert having secured this professional license course and the tenure of such association should not be less than four years.
    2) You are supposed to have passed a degree course in Engineering for which the duration is not less than four years.
    You will be allowed to,appear in the Licence examination conducted by the Board upon completion of the above criterias.
    It is a prestigious qualification and as such, once you acquire this, you will be required to update your skill and proficiency to retain your license.
    In order to know the procedures being maintained in Canada and USA, you have to approach the respective embassies in order to have clear perspectives required in their countries.

  • You have your M.Tech and 3 years of teaching experience and you are interested in Professional Engineering license in Canada.
    P.Eng is a like a certifying body which assesses your qualifications and experience and allow you to carry out engineering work.
    In canada, P.Eng license is issued by the various provinces and territory where you want to work. Canadian groups has two types of memberships
    1. Engineer-in-Training:once you meet the basic education requirements and you are acquring the experience of four years of which one year should be in Canada.
    2.Professional Engineer: you can practice on your own and are liable for your actions.


    Basically it assesses are you good enoughto be given the P.Eng
    It focuses on Good character, language skills, Professional ethics, work experiece and academics
    Once you satisfy these criteria you will take the PPE - Professional Practice Examination.These exams are twice a year.

    More details can be sought from:
    B.Contact for Professional engineers association in Ontario:
    C.How to become a professional engineer in Canada odf file -
    D.academics or education quieries: experience queries:
    F.Professional Practice Exam queries:
    G.Since you are from India and you need one year's Canadian experience before taking the license, you can contact the Engineer Intern Training program.It does not guarantee a job but opens up opportunities and tells that you are serious about your aim to take the p.Eng license -

    IN USA
    In USA, the P.Eng license is given by the state boards. It includes recongised degree,Fundemental Engineers Exam completion and then 4 years of work expereince under a lincesed P.Engineer and then then Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam (PPE).
    you can visit these websites

  • With your basic qualification in engineering you can find out some professional engineer in US or Canada under whom you can work for at least 4 years to become eligible for appearing in the examination for this prestigious cadre.
    In addition to this be prepared to complete your proficiency in any engineering subject which is deficit in your engineering course which you have already completed as per their observation if any they find after going through your credentials.
    Anyway the main thing is to qualify the examination which is a tough one seeing the number of persons attempting for it.
    It will require significant fees etc towards expenses also.
    Foreign engineering students including India are trying to get this prestigious cadre since long and with hard work and efforts you can definitely make it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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