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    Changing name on SSC and HSC results

    Having a name mismatch in SSC and HSC results as compared to aadhaar card? Searching for information about how to resolve this issue? On this page, find advice from experts and proceed with these steps to make the required changes.

    I have passed in 10th on 2012 year and 12th in 2014 year. Now I am going to make id like license but there is a problem. My name written on aadhaar card is in different format than on
    SSC and HSC results. Because of this I cant make my id. I
    want to see the same name written on results like as aadhaar card. What should I do?
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  • What is your correct name? Why there is a difference in name between Aadhaar card and certificates. Is it intentional? You have to make an affidavit in which you have to declare that your correct name is as in aadhaar and the names in educational certificates are wrong and you have to declare that the person is same and the difference only in names. For this you please contact a local lawyer who is very well aware of the procedure. He will do the needful.
    Another method is to apply for the correction in SSC and HSC certificates. You have to apply to two boards through the institutes you have studied as per the procedure. You have to approach the Head of the Institutions and explain them the difference. You have to apply as per their advice. It will take more time and you have to approach two boards. Hence you better follow the route explained in the previous para.

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  • Your name is different from your marks card and the Aadhar Card. Is it a different spelling or a shortened name or a matter of giving your middle and last name. If you go by two different names, then you have to choose one legal name.
    One you have the name, spellings and order correct, then you check your Aadhaar card, if it is correct, then you change the SSLC/HSC certificates via the school and the board authorities. If your marks cards have the correct name, then you have to apply for the name correction in Aadhar card with a sworn affidavit.
    Please discuss with your family and finalize the name and then take due action. Also check the accuracy in your Voter ID.

  • This type of question has been answered many a time. You have to sign a suitably-worded affidavit before a First-class Magistrate of your city stating your correct name and mentioning the wrong names indicated in your Board certificates. You have to publish similarly-worded advertisements in one English and in one vernacular language. You have to permanently preserve original affidavit and original advertisement.

    You have to be extra careful so that there is no more mistake in your name in any other document in future.

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  • From your query it is not clear whether your name in 10th and 12th certificates is wrongly written or it is wrong in only Aadhar card.
    Anyway either you have to go for correction in Aadhar card or both of your school certificates.
    You can go for these corrections either by approaching your school/ college board office or nearby Aadhar centre.
    Alternatively you can get a legal affidavit prepared by a lawyer mentioning your correct name and getting this affidavit verified by a first class magistrate. You have to affix the copy of documents (like birth certificate or voter card or driving licence or ration card etc) showing your correct name.

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  • This is a problem faced by many people that due to mistakes and errors creeping in records sometimes there is a mismatch of names in various certificates.

    Though this may appear a small mistake but it has grave implications as it may create problems at the time of certificate verifications when one goes for hunting jobs and attending interviews.

    These things are to be corrected as early as possible to avoid future inconveniences.

    In your case you have to apply to your education board office for correction of the names in the certificates to match it with Aadhar card. If you find that name in certificates is correct but in Aadhar it is wrongly reflected then you better go to Aadhar facilitating centre in your area to apply for correction in Aadhar card itself.

    In case the above measures are not possible for you then you can go for legal affidavit also where your lawyer can prepare from your side a detailed oath in which you have to mention your correct name and give an legal statement that that is your true name and the name reflected in certificates and may be in Aadhar also are incorrect and are to be taken as the correct name provided in the affidavit.

    Please remember you will have to produce some document also in proof of your correct name. That is very important step.

    So in whichever documents your name is incorrect either you have to get them corrected by the agency involved or create an legal affidavit for your correct name.

    The affidavit should be verified and endorsed by a first class magistrate.

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