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    Do I need NOC if I am joining in the Dept. allotted by SSC?

    Do you have queries about joining a new Department leaving the other one and related requirement of NOC? Just go through this AE question and the responses from our experts to get your doubts clarified.

    I am working in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan for 2 years but my confirmation has not been done. I had applied in 2016 for SSC stenographer while I was working and I had intimated my office and mentioned that I was working in Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan while filling up the exam form for SSC stenographer too. Now I have been selected for SSC Stenographer 2016.
    I dont want my service to be counted.
    So my question is:

    1. Will I have to take NOC from KVS my office for joining in the department allotted by SSC?
    2. Can I simply join the department allotted to me by ssc just by resigning without NOC??
    3. When would I have to produce NOC to the deptt? During joining or during document verification?

    Kindly answer me these questions.

    I will be so thankful to You.
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  • My answers are as under:-

    (a) NOC is required at the time of applying for another job. NOC is not required at the time of joining a new post. Now before joining a new Central Government post, you have to tender resignation to the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS).
    (b) As I have already stated, NOC is not required at this stage. My advice is to clear all dues (if any), tender resignation and get in writing the acceptance of your resignation. If you receive no reply within 15 days or so, the resignation is deemed to have been accepted by the competent authority in KVS.
    (c) If your resignation is formally accepted, then submit the acceptance letter at the time of job verification in SSC. Otherwise, the copy of resignation letter along with proof os submission is required to be submitted. So, when you will tender the resignation, please get another copy signed by the dealing Assistant.
    (d) The above position holds trues if and only if there is no vigilance/disciplinary case is pending or is being contemplated by the KVS against you.

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  • No NOC is required. But you should settle your account with the present employer. Both are Government Organisations. You have mentioned in the application that you are working in Kendriya Vidyalaya. So you should resign from the present job and get relieving letter. When you submit your resignation you should get an acknowledgement from your employer. You should clear all the dues and get your no dues certificate. Generally, you will be relieved of your services as per the terms and conditions of your appointment. Then there will not be any problem in joining the new job. When the documentation verification is going on you can show the relieving letter or your resignation letter copy duly acknowledged by the employer. Please note that for all government jobs police verification will be there and they will verify with the present employer.

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