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    What are the security issues if I get a ‘someone –used-deactivated’ and ‘re-issued ‘ mobile number

    Are you eager to know the security measures taken while re-issuing the old mobile numbers used by somebody? Then go through the expert comments of our learned members here.

    Mobile numbers become deactivated due to various reasons:–deactivated by the company for reasons of defaults and/or non-compliance of terms and conditions /requirements ,etc. These numbers then are subsequently re-issued to unsuspecting new customers.

    Earlier times, phones were used only for voice call and sms. Now they are used for various utilities and the umber gets linked to many such utility features.

    So at present what are the possible security issues in getting a 'deactivated and re issued mobile number?
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  • I don't foresee any security issues in this. Once the sim card is deactivated, all the links will get deactivated. The person who used this card will be at risk if he is not changing his mobile number in all his accounts. For the person who has taken it, there will not be an issue, as the phone and sim are with you. Only some disturbance you will have that is the known people of the earlier holder may be disturbing you thinking that the card is still with him.

    always confident

  • Once the SIM card is deactivated, the phone number linked to it automatically goes into a pool of other available numbers unless its a few hours old and you manage to pay the dues and get it restored to you. If you buy a new SIM or port your number, then also the old SIM gets deactivated. Only some numbers would be stored in the SIM. To retrieve that someone will need the SIM card number, the IMEI number and your account details for the company/service provider to restore. This is all with you and hence not feasible.

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